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MAI Jolt 6502 SBC 1975

by billdeg
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MAI Jolt 6502 microcomputer SBC
The first production 6502-based single board microcomputer - The Jolt pre-dates the MOS KIM and Apple I.
More photos Byte December 1975 ad I had mentioned this system in a "past issue" of when I used to make hard-coded pages for this site. ">... [ read more ]

Cromemco System 1 12v (U2) Repair

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Repairs Completed ] 06/03/2014
Cromemco System 1 LAS1412 12v regulator in power controller U2.
Cromemco System 1 LAS1412 12v regulator in power controller, position U2. The system started to smoke while performing disk operation (directory), so I cut power before damage. I did not see any carbon residue. After a more controlled smoke test I found that I could root to the monitor prompt but I had no more 12V to drives, thus could not boot to a disk. Ordered new part. Not sure if the fault was the regulator or something that caused the regulator to over-work, but I could not find any other electrical fault. Click image for larger view.
... [ read more ]

PET 2001-8 Internal Cassette Restoration

by billdeg
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PET 2001 internal cassette drive belt
Commodore PET 2001-8 internal cassette drive with cover removed. This photo was taken after two repairs were made. First the original belt was removed and replaced using a donor CN2 cassette. Second I repaired the cable that connects to the motherboard. Click image for larger view.
The Commodore CN2 drive belt can be transplanted into the internal cassette drive. It's easy to remove the belt from a CN2 external cassette. To install into the internal cassette just loosen the ... [ read more ]

Digital PDP 8 OS/8 Help Files

by billdeg
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Uploaded the contents of the .HL files from various RK05 disk packs. Chock full of useful info. Each file is unique, but they all share similar text. Enjoy. Dump 1 Dump 2 Dump 3">... [ read more ]

Apple /// Plus and Microsoft Softcard

by billdeg
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Apple III Microsoft softcard
Click on image to see the box with label - Apple Softcard /// System by Microsoft - Adding CP/M capabilities to the Apple ///. Click image for larger view.
Apple III running CP/M
Installation of the card was easy...Find an open slot and boot with an Apple III compatible CP/M disk and go! Regular SOS disks still work just fine. Click image for larger view.
Here is a closeup of the boot screen. Note t">... [ read more ]

Zorba for Cross-System CP/M Copy?

by billdeg
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Zorba CP/M Portable Boot Screen
Zorba CP/M boot screen apparently is capable of reading various CP/M system files. Click for larger view.
I created a Zorba boot disk using Dunfield's ImageDisk. Upon boot, I noticed that the Zorba apparently is capable of reading multiple types of CP/M systems' files. When I get the chance I'd like to see what kinds of IBM PC CP/M stuff you can do with a Zorba.">... [ read more ]

Catweasel, 8in and 5 1/4

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Photos Imaging System ] 05/02/2014
I have tried flipping things around and I have found that I can't get the following combination running together. Tandon TM 848-02 8" Qumetrak 142 5 1/4" Catweasel MK4 Plus Cable from PC -->Catweasel-->cable to drives. I have a DBIT adapter for the 8". The twist end of the cable is installed on the intended A drive. BIOS matches drive types (A=5 1/4 360k and B= 5 1/4 1.2m). The terminator is in the B drive. The Qume passes tests and reads disks. Although the Tandon is recognized as the B drive, it always returns a "drive not ready" error in DOS or a "no interrupt from FDC" from the catweasel. Only when I detatch the drive cable from the back of the Qume and run it alone will the Tandon 848-02 pass tests and read disks. Why can't these play together? So I was wondering before I go away to Easter dinner ...Is the READY signal from the Tandon not "strong enough" when anothe">... [ read more ]

PEEKing Info BASIC (VCF 9 Presentation)

by billdeg
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You can now download a PDF of my lecture from VCF East 9.1. -------------- Notes If you're so inclined, here is a listing of my class notes that go along with the PDF link above. Not all slides have notes/I didn't need them. SLIDE 3: Original scope of the program, has evolved over time to include more hardware interaction. Timesharing BASIC was not designed for hardware interaction. SLIDE 4: This class is intended for those who have been introduced to the BASIC language and want to go further with the language in the “vintage computer” perspective. It is also intended for those who have already learned another older language and need only a brief introduction to what is for them a second or third programming language. SLIDE 6: Constants. BASIC programs are made up of statements that contain keywords, variables, operators,">... [ read more ]

Digital PDP 11/44

by billdeg
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KD11-Z card array
KD11-Z cards - the main card array. This unit also has an expansion backplane connected to the KD11-Z with a UNIBUS 9302
PDP 11/44 Front
Front view of the Digital PDP 11/44
PDP 11/44 Module Utilization Chart
The orginal 11/44 Module Utilization Chart. My system does not have all of these installed.
Here's a good page that describes the system">... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Festival East 9.1

by billdeg
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Dual Dazzlers Child playing Altair 8800b running computer tank game
Mother and child playing a tank game made for the Cromemco Dazzler video card, running on an IMSAI with Cromemco CPU card. Click image for larger view.
Francois Lanciault (Blainville, QC, Canada) brought his HP-9845 exhibit "Dawn of the Workstation". We also had exhibitors and contributors from Europe, Australia and points between. Click image for larger view.
Atlanta Historical Computing Society exhibit at VCF East 2014

Heathkit ET-3400 / ETA-3400 Expansion

by billdeg
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Updated: [ How to Load Monitor and Tiny BASIC ] 04/03/2014
Heathkit ETA-3400 Expansion Unit
View of the Heathkit ETA-3400 mainboard. The ETA-3400 expansion unit was an add-on to the ET-3400 6809-based trainer. Click image for larger view.
Rear ports Heathkit ETA-3400
Rear ports include cassette and RS232/teletype connectors. Click image for larger view.
Initiated a project to add an ETA-3400 to a Heathkit ET-3400. The main computer seems to work fine. Step one, complete the connector cable from parts on hand. With additional RAM and I/O ports, the ET-3400 becomes a lot more useful. I">... [ read more ]

PC to Serial Terminal Screen Dump

by billdeg
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It's kind of a pain to send a "printout" of an ASCII file to a vintage printer from a modern computer over the serial port. Here is how I sent a set of ASCII art prints to a Digital Equipment Corp Decwriter II. This technique would work with any serial terminal ("dumb" terminal), but you may need to change the settings to match your terminal/printer. 1. Find a computer with a real serial port. Did you know even today many PC motherboards have a serial port built in, even if you don't have an external port? You'd just need to find an internal serial port adapter. A true serial port is better than a "USB to Serial conversion dongle" in that using the real thing eliminates variables associated with converting the signal. 2. I used TeraTerm software from the PC. From TeraTerm locate the setup tab. There are two places you need to access to make changes a. serial port setup">... [ read more ]

MITS Altair 8800b T with Dual Drives

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Serial Settings for Altair Disk BASIC ] 03/08/2014
Two MITS model 88-DCDD Single 8" disk drives. These are the older design made to match the 8800a system faceplate. Serial numbers DD 2100 and DD 3216
I have initiated work on MITS Altair 8800b Turnkey System with Dual 8" disk drives. It's a complete system with cables, cards, and a custom MITS desk to hold everything. The 8800b turnkey was first produced during the takeover of MITS by Pertec corporation. At some point, Pertec started calling an 8800b turnkey with dual drives the "300/25" system, but this particular system was sold before that. The serial number plate for the 8800b is still MITS, later versions' s/n plate read Pertec. 8800b T System Photos NEXT: List of the components replaced, and a video of the system in action. ">... [ read more ]

More Unidentified Cards - Can you Help?

by billdeg
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Updated: [ UNIVAC 1108 board ] 03/06/2014
This board has "Control Amplifier" printed on the back.
IBM? The board has markings from 1967. Odd connector.
Can you help ID these? More Photos">... [ read more ]

System Source Classic Computing

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Baltimore Workshop / Meet and Greet ] 02/18/2014
See photos">... [ read more ]
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