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Vintage Computer Festival East 2019

by billdeg
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This humble author's biased pick for best in show, the LNW80 / Lobo Max80 exhibit with spokesmodel, Karen. Click image for more exhibit photos.
Fun event highlighted by Saturday keynote presenters Unix co-inventor Ken Thompson interviewed on stage by Brian Kernighan and Sunday keynote by Atari/Amiga engineer Joe Decuir. ">... [ read more ]

LNW80 Microcomputer Restoration

by billdeg
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LNW 80 Microcomputer
The LNW80 computer is a Radio Shack TRS 80 Model 1 clone, more or less. The BASIC is different and the memory map is different. Any programs that rely on either of these things will not operate properly, but DOS PLUS and NEW DOS for the Model I is easily adapted for the LNW80. The photo above displays the opening panel of the Modular Software Associates LNW BASIC Demo. LNW BASIC has commands that employ the LNW80's color display capabilities. Click image for larger view.
LNW 80
With the chassis cover removed, this image reveals a twin control board configuration. On top is the System Ex">... [ read more ]

CDC 6600 Cordwood Logic Modules

by billdeg
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CDC 6600 cordwood logic moudle
Pictured are Control Data Corporation 6600 modules. The sandwich-shaped device on the left is called a "cordwood logic module". Each of these contain 64 silicon transistors. The board to the right has the same bus/pin configuration and is likely also from a 6600 or an early "Cyber series" computer, a system based on the 6600. Click image for larger view.
The The Control Data 6600 was considered by many to be the first super computer. More photos">... [ read more ]

Digital DECmate VT278

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Disk Images ] 02/26/2019
Digital DECmate VT278
Digital DECmate VT278 Click image for larger view.
EK-VT278 Technical Description Digital DECmate
The DECmate VT278 is a PDP 8 on a CPU / RAM board installed in a VT-100 chassis. Pictured here is the SETUP screen one sees upon successful boot. Click image for larger view.
Digital DECmat... [ read more ]

~1960 Burroughs Logic Module 72477T

by billdeg
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~1960 Burroughs Logic Module 72477T Click image for larger view.
Rear view, same. Click image for larger view.
The Computer History Museum has a similar item, their description reads: "Each module holds eight components: 2 resistors and 6 diodes, mounted on a phenolic frame with two separate common contacts + eight individual contacts." Looking through Burroughs computer and peripheral manuals I have for early 1960's hardware, I cannot say for sure which system the 72477T came from because there are no photos or diagrams">... [ read more ]

My Computer Likes Me when I speak BASIC

by billdeg
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The front cover of My Computer Likes Me when i speak BASIC by Bob Albrecht publshed by DYMAX circa 1971-1972. This softcover book was intended to teach BASIC programming to students and persons previously unfamiliar with computers. Students would use this book in a classroom environment in front of a Teletype attached to a mini computer running BASIC.
Here is an example of a lesson, titled "the problem" whose purpose was to demonstrate how the same problem can be solved multiple ways. Click image for larger view.
... [ read more ]

GRiD Compass II Model 1219

by billdeg
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Another of Hillary's lost laptops? Obviously this laptop pre-dates the former First Lady's stint with the State Department, but I can only wonder who might have used it. This Compass II 1219 powered up with custom BIOS ROM. Click image for larger view.
Along with this 1219 I picked up a GRiDCASE More GRiD photos">... [ read more ]

DEC PC05 High-speed Tape Reader

by billdeg
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Front view of the DEC PC05 high-speed papertape reader. Click image for larger view.
Rear view of same DEC PC05 high-speed papertape reader, where one can see the reader was paired with a PDP 11 system (inset closeup). Click image for larger view.
NEXT - Find the pr11 controller (M7810). Because this is a reader only, it may be possible to use a serial card instead, like a M7800, or with minor modifications.">... [ read more ]

For-Sale / Items Wanted

by billdeg
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NOTE: date of thread = the last update date. Note there are some old specific item for-sale threads on this site. If they're not linked from here, they're probably expired/sold. NEC PC-6001A with cassette RK06 Alignment Disk RK06 Data Disks UNIBUS Regulators (parts / not guaranteed) More! FOR SALE Commodore B128 (working) Commoodore 8050 (Needs U1 chip) Mostly Commodore and Tandy stuff here History of Commodore Poster Items Wanted Free Stuff? (Varies every day. Donations held by me and not claimed by VCfed (who has first dibs) are avail you're a VCFed member. I have tons of spare cables and adapters. Pickup only) Contact me if you have a specific req">... [ read more ]

Digital PDP-8 DECUS Music Papertapes

by billdeg
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Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8 Music Program Papertapes 152 152a 162
decus papertapes from 1969 would likely have been written for the a PDP-8i. This is not the same as the RF music program demoed elsewhere on this web site. Click on image for larger view.
TAPE LABELS: 8-152a 8 Music Coding Program Symbolic #1 8-152 8 Music Coding Program Symbolic #2 8-152 Teddy Bear's Picnic Symbolic 8-152a Penny Lane Symbolic 8-152 Joy to the World Symbolic 8-152 Your Mother Should Know Symbolic 8-152a Penny Lane 0037-7720, 0170=7777 0171=7777, 0172=7750, 0173=6020 Binary 8-152 When I'm 64 0037=720, 0170=7776 0172-7750 8-16">... [ read more ]


by billdeg
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Updated: [ RCA 1800 Family Oral History Panel ] 12/21/2018
The 1975 RCA COSMAC Microkit. This is the first commercial microcomputer from RCA to contain the two-chip COSMAC microprocessor (TC 1084 / TC 1085 version). The processor was developed in New Jersey, but the kit itself came out of the RCA Palm Beach Division. Click image for larger view.
RCA COSMAC 3901822
Note the TC 1085 chip on the processor card, which is the earlier name for the CDP 1801 and has a silk screen date of late 1974. Click image for larger view.
Compare the above processor c">... [ read more ]

MAI Jolt 6502 SBC 1975

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Origin of the name JOLT ] 12/21/2018
MAI Jolt 6502 microcomputer SBC
The first production 6502-based single board microcomputer - The Jolt pre-dates the MOS KIM and Apple I.
More photos Byte December 1975 ad I had mentioned this system in a "past issue" of when I used to make hard-coded pages for this site. ">... [ read more ]

splicing papertape

by billdeg
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Teletype ASR 33 Papertape reader. You can feed a piece of papertape into the reader in local mode to print a section of tape.
I have found that the trick to splicing, aside from having correction patches is sometimes to overlap two pieces of tape, not try to get an exact cut in the program. To do this I stick in an S0 line (filler line) on both sides of the splice. If there is a small tear in a tape that causes the reader to snag, use correction patches. If the rip is too large to patch, you'll have to splice it, just as one would a piece of film. Here are some tips how to do this... Below is a splice of tape, represented by its data. Each 8-bit character is represented by the holes in the tape one at a time as it's fed into">... [ read more ]

Digital Rainbow (PC100-B2)

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Monochrome monitor option ] 12/09/2018
DEC Rainbow PC100-B2 with VR241
This is the Rainbow PC100-B2 I restored from three systems' parts. I used the VR241 display from the previous dead Rainbow PC100-B2's I had been working on and now I finally have a system that works. Click image for larger view.
DEC Rainbow base model with VR201
This will not do....these VR201's are hard to find without screen rot. Click image for larger view.
I got this message from I Primus who suggested ways to deal with the VR201: "..The cable to the VR201 is very, very simp">... [ read more ]

Mac 128K with SAD MAC error 041800

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Bad internal Drive Seek ] 11/29/2018
yes, but what does 041800 mean exactly? which chip or section is bad? 04 = class code = memory test mod 3 1800 = chip identification codes, in binary combination 1000 is bit 12, chip G9 0800 is bit 11, chip G8 Need two 4264 chips, to replace G9 and G8. Thanks Herb.">... [ read more ]
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