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Toshiba Laptops

by billdeg - 11/24/2007
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I have a couple of Toshiba Laptops that do not work. I believe that they're salvageable, but I am not that interested in them. Contact me if you want them cheap. Pics ... [ read more ]

Commodore troubleshooting links

by billdeg - 11/22/2007
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Here are some useful Commodore troubleshooting links. [ read more ]

Byte June 1980 I-O Expansion TRS 80

by billdeg - 11/14/2007
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Last Post: [ Byte June 1980 I-O Expansion TRS 80 ] 11/16/2007
I received this request: "..Hello, Years back i built for my model 1 an RS232 port based on an article in Byte (June 1980). I made some changes to the design which i have noted down. However i lost the original article (rather thrown away years ago all my copies of Byte...). Can somebody get me a scan of this article (around page 50) or direct me to a place i can find it on the internet ( does not carry it)? Hope somebody can help me as i am trying to fire up my model 1 again. .." Here is the article: Byte June 1980 I/O Expansion TRS 80 Byte June 1980 Cover ... [ read more ]

Commodore "Coherent"

by billdeg - 11/08/2007
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Last Post: [ Commodore Coherent never launched ] 11/08/2007
Anyone know what happened with "Coherent"? From Byte Feb 1984: "Commodore Plans UNIX-Like Operating system for Z8000-Based Computer" "Commodore announced that it will include the UNIX-like Coherent operating system in a new series of Z8000-based computers. Schedule to be formally announced in May, Commodore's new computer will be called the Next Generation and will include 256K bytes of RAM and one or two floppy-disk drives at a price the company says will be much lower than any comparable system. All of Commodore's previous computers have been based on variations of the 6502 microprocessor developed by Commodore's MOS Technology division. Commodore has a license to manufacture Zilog's Z8000 processor." ... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Mod 4P

by billdeg - 10/25/2007
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I just picked up a TRS 80 Model 4p with a nice white chassis. I took a sampler of boot disks that are known to work on a regular Model 4. I thought I would test them on the 4P (it came with no software). NEW DOS 8 TRS DOS 6.2 LDOS 5.14 DOS Plus 3.5 DOS Plus 3.4 TRS DOS 1.3 When I try them on the 4P, I get the following message: "Loading ROM Image" ...and then a few seconds later the error message: "The ROM Image Was Not Found on Drive 0" EXCEPT when I boot TRS DOS 6.2 The manual indicates that TRSDOS 6 ships with the 4P. It is that simple, you can only boot a 4P with 6.x? need to copy the Model III ROM file from any bootable disk. The 4 P does not come with the Model III ROM installed, you need a diskette with this "ROM" file. Fortunately in addition to 6.2, I have a utility programs that boot: Copycat 4.1 and a Hyperzap 3.2, Super Utility ! 4/4P ... [ read more ]

Inforex Core Memory Controller

by billdeg - 09/30/2007
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Last Post: [ Inforex Core Memory Controller ] 10/17/2007
I received a box containing an INFOREX Core Memory Controller from late 1970 / early 1971 and a DATARAM core memory cartridge / daughter card. The DATARAM core is 4K I believe, but I did not open it to check. The box also contained a document from 1978 about this type of 4K and 8K core memory, and some interesting pages about installing and using core memory with an S-100 data bus. I assume that this particular DATARAM core memory could be used in both the pictured below DEC-like controller and a homebrew S-100 controller.. Given the condition of the card and memory, it's very possible that these components work. Now I just need a computer to put them in...hmmm. Pics... [ read more ]

Seeking license page from dBase II

by yosh - 10/11/2007
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Last Post: [ Seeking license page from dBase II ] 10/12/2007
Does anyone have an original dBase II manual? If so, I'd appreciate a copy of the original dBase II License statement. If someone has and can scan & email it to me, I'd much appreciate it. my email is yosh at mantinband ddot com. Thanks! Yosh ... [ read more ]

Microcomputing vs. Microcomputer

by billdeg - 10/07/2007
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Last Post: [ Microcomputing vs. Presonal Computing ] 10/11/2007
Here is a thread from a recent exchange from the MidAtlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists (MARCH) At 09:20 PM 10/6/2007 -0400, you wrote: >> In my class I distinguish between microcomputing and microcomputers. >> Clearly at MIT in the late 50's early 60's they were using the TX-0 >> Computer / Flexowriter for microcomputing. "Microcomputer" firsts >> are, the more I research, detail points within the continuum and nothing >> more. >Use of the term microcomputing prior to >the invention and use >of the microprocessor may strike some >historians as a bit odd. >Microcoding and microprogramming yes, >but not microcomputing. >Subtle distinction. ; If you can >cite references for such a usage >for microcomputing then go ahead and >make me look like an idiot. I know what you're saying, but a processor does not a microcomputing system make.... [ read more ]

New York Weekly Messenger 2-13-1833

by billdeg - 10/04/2007
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On the back page of this newspaper is an article that describes in some detail the eye-witness account of a *working* machine: "...the greater part of the calculating machine is already constructed....I have had the advantage of seeing it actually calculate, and of studying its construction with Mr. Babbage himself..." Does this account describe a working computer? To help make this determination I would want to learn more about the error checking capability of this machine, which I assume was used for calculation of significant digits. A described, Babbage's calculating machine could be described as "computer-like" at least. I believe that this article reports the closest Babbage got to a actual working computer. Or just an elaborate calculator. There are no references in the article to what we today would identify as punch cards or programming. [ read more ]

Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny

by billdeg - 09/30/2007
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The People's Computer Company and The Community Memory Project Selected scans from the People's Computer Company March-April and May issues "Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny"
- this quote from the scifi novel Revolt in 2100 summarized the philosophy of Lee Felsenstein, Efrem Lipkin and the other founders of the Community Memory Project, according to the book Hackers by Steven Levy. The mission of Community Memory was to bring the power of computers to all citizens not just government officials and the sanctioned users in big companies with their IBM mainframes. Efrem and Lee took a donated XDS-940 computer "to the streets" by creating a community bulletin board system with remote terminals placed in community areas. Meetings of Community Memory were conducted in a small shopping center the Californi... [ read more ]

IMSAI 8080 With Processor Tech. Cutter

by billdeg - 09/30/2007
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Video Uploaded to Click to watch a demonstration of a working IMSAI 8080 with the Processor Technologies Cutter monitor program The video starts out with a view of a running IMSAI 8080. With a background sound of the computer fan and occasional keyboard clicks, the system connections and the Processor Technologies Cutter program are demonstrated. Included in this system are Processor Technologies S-100 bus cards CUTS (cassette) 3P+S (keyboard control), VDM-1 (video). Various cutter commands are demonstrated including DUMP, ENTER, and EXECUTE. Also shown is the cassette tape commands page from the Cutter / Solos manual.... [ read more ]

IMSAI 8080 Front Panel Assembly

by billdeg - 09/29/2007
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Here are some pictures of an IMSAI 8080 disassembled front panel, chassis, and panel cover. Pictures ... [ read more ]

IBM Quietwiter Printer- Model 5201-002

by fredfs - 09/18/2007
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Last Post: [ IBM Quietwiter Printer- Model 5201-002 ] 09/27/2007
I recently came across an old IBM Quietwriter Printer at a local tag sale and purchased it for $10.00. It hopefully can be used with my IBM PC-AT. I cannot find operation documentation/manuals anywhere. Does anybody have access to information regarding this machine.? Thanks, Fred S.... [ read more ]

C64 emulator to run on PC

by quasi - 08/04/2007
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Last Post: [ C64 emulator to run on PC ] 09/27/2007
This is my first post to this message base, would like to learn which C64 emulator program to get, and later, setup procedures.... [ read more ]

Jim Butterfield Photo

by billdeg - 08/28/2007
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Last Post: [ Jim Butterfield Photo ] 09/27/2007
While doing some reading today I found this ad http://vintagecomp...Butterfield.jpg From Compute!'s Gazette September 1984... [ read more ]
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