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Intel iSBC 80/10 Multibus System Board

by billdeg
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Intel iSBC 80/10
Intel 8080 iSBC 80/10 CPU Board from around 1980. Click Image for larger view.
More photos M. Thompson says: The docs for that iSBC 80/10 board are in Bitsavers in:">... [ read more ]

IBM Mainframe Tube Modules

by billdeg
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Photo of the 4 tube units with tubes installed. From left to right: (?? no markings) / IN-306 / AM-308 / AM-3(?)23. Note that the unit with no markings has a cap kludged to the side. Click for larger view
Photo of the 10 tube units with NO tubes installed. From left to right: AM-320 / IN-501 / (no marking) / AM-3(?)23 / IN-501 / TR-307 / CF-311 / AM-306 / AM-312 / IN-307. Click for larger view
The subject of this thread will be the Ebay auction for the "Mark 1" tubes from 1951.... http://www.eba...DULE-/131073757653 ... Afte">... [ read more ]

Mystery Items - Can You Help?

by billdeg
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Can you ID the above or any of the cards here? ">... [ read more ]

Burroughs L5000 Controller Card Photos

by billdeg
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Burroughs L5000 MPA RAM board. The 1449 1112 RAM chips are Burroughs' part number for the intel 2102 RAM. Click image to see photos.
See also (used as reference, but unconfirmed) http://www...llery/bpgcomponents.htm">... [ read more ]

The Elstart Amigo Computer Ad

by billdeg
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Box from the Elstart Amigo computer system.
">... [ read more ]

IBM PS/2 Model 25 8525

by billdeg
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This is the first computer I bought with my own money, as a college student. At the time this was the perfect system for a school more waiting in line in the computer lab for an IBM XT or MAC SE with the other students. The Model 8525 first appeared in the Spring 1987, just after the initial PS/2 launch.
Model 1391472 model M "space saver keyboard" had no number pad.
This system shipped with DOS 3.3. I purchased the optional Windows 1.04 "Collegiate Kit" that had early versions of Winwrite and winpaint programs. To print I used an IBM ProPrinter II. More photos">... [ read more ]

Atari 130XE

by billdeg
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The Atari 130XE Computer.
Here is a view of the rear ports. Note that a person could still use Atari 400/800 carts on the 130XE model. In many ways the 130XE was the Atari equivalent of the Commodore 128 in that both were backwards compatible and both were primarily used by their owners to run older software originally purchased for an older model system. As with the C-128, there were not as many 130XE-specific software packages was produced.
More photos">... [ read more ]

Desk Top Computers May 1967

by billdeg
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Radio Electronics May 1967
One of the earliest known references to the term "desk top computers" known. The obscured text at the bottom reads: New generation ... What they do . . How they work
Sage 1 calculator computer
The Sage 1, an example of the programmable calculators featured in the article.
"As recently as 15 years ago, according to the American Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS), there were fewer than 25 computers at work in all of the U.S. That number has grown today to well over 35,000, and the AFIPS predicts that by 1975 there will be more than 85,000-representing an annual investment of $30 billion..." The article defines desk top computers i">... [ read more ]

Commodore 64K C-116 Mods

by billdeg
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Updated: [ JiffyDOS for 264 Installed ] 10/03/2013
Commodore C-116 Computer
The 1984 Commodore C-116 was the smallest and one of the rarest Commodore computers ever produced commercially.
Commodore C-116 view of original 4116 RAM chips. NOTE: the original 318004-04 Kernal ROM has already been swapped out, pictured is a 3180005-05 NTSC ROM (from a Plus/4). Click for larger view.
Project - Switch PAL C-116 to NTSC and upgrade the RAM to 64K. These two changes will create a mini Plus/4. Together with a uIEC cart for storage and a mini-flatpanel screen from a portable CD player I will have a nice portable Commodore syst">... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Festival MW 2013

by billdeg
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Updated: [ VCF MW 2013 Video ] 01/01/2014
Leif B's remote-control glove for the Commodore 64 joystick port. Leif (Schema) gave a talk on his new device in the "Deli" room. Click image for larger view.
Commodore VIC-20 Station Wagon
Ms. Emma, a regular at the VCF MW, created a custom VIC-20 she titled the Commodore VIC-20 Station Wagon. Note the display is embedded into the rear-view mirrow. Works perfectly. In addition to the glossy paint job, this computer had an embedded uIEC and other features. Click image for">... [ read more ]

MITS Altair Disk 88-DCDD rev 1

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Restoration complete ] 09/25/2013
The MITS Altair Disk model 88-DCDD is a single 8" disk drive. Click image for larger view.
I finally found a source to purchase working disks. Now the long journey to making a bootable system begins. In addition to the drive, I have the dual-controller cards labeled MITS Disk BD 1 Rev 0-X3 and MITS DISK#2 REV 0-X2. more pics NEXT: Clean the drive, get a boot loader PROM and install in my turnkey system, which I believe is the best candidate for this drive.">... [ read more ]

MITS 88-DCDD Drive Variations

by billdeg
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The MITS Altair 88-DCDD single 8" disk drive variations. Both drives have revisions (920030 or 920060) of the same Pertec FD400 8 inch drives. The disk buffer cards vary but most likely these are just revision improvements. Click image for larger view.
Altair 88-DCDD "rev0" Photos Altair 88-DCDD "rev1" Photos">... [ read more ]

MITS altair 1977 Brochure

by billdeg
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MITS Altair 8800b turnkey system with drives in desk
A scan from the MITS altair 1977 catalog. Pictured here is an early version of what was eventually called the MITS 300/25 after the company was acquired by Pertec. This Altair 8800b turnkey with twin drives, MITS Lear Siegler terminal, and printer was the first complete MITS computer station intended for the small business market. Click image for larger view.
MITS 1977 Brochure">... [ read more ]

Ohio Scientific ROM Info

by Bill_3
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OSI had roms for both 6502 and 6800 chips for the 400 cpu card. 65A is 6502 serial monitor rom. 65F3 is 6502 floppy disk/hard disk support rom. The assembly listing for the 65F3 is in PEEK Volume 5 Number 1 It also gives the descriptions of the various OSI roms. The OSI small systems journal volume 2 number 2 page 6 also gives some rom application data. ">... [ read more ]

CBM B128-80 Serial Bus

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Fast Bus Update ] 08/12/2013
CBM B128-80 with Fast Bus cartridge
CBM B128-80 with Fast Bus installed to allow a person to switch from a serial-type disk driveand an IEEE drive. In this case I am switching between a CBM 8050 IEEE-type drive, and a VIC 1541 serial drive (on top of the monitor). Click for larger view.
A closeup of the two required components of a Commodore B Series "Fast Bus" system. On top of the B-128 is the Serial Bus Interface converter box. This is the device that switches betweem serial and IEEE drives. A RAM expansion cart">... [ read more ]
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