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Degnan Co Old Tech Exhibit

by billdeg
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This is a picture of the vintage tech we have on display at my repair shop in Wilmington.
More Pictures from 2012">... [ read more ]

A VAMP stack: VAX, Apache, MySQL & PHP

by abs
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I don't know if anyone here would be interested in this, but on the offchance I put together a page on the fun I had getting a VAXstation 4000 running up to date versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP :) http://netbsd0.blo...stack-vax.html David">... [ read more ]

IBM CP/M-86 1.0

by billdeg
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Updated: [ CP/M 86 Disks ] 06/05/2012
IBM CP/M-86 v. 1.0 boot screen. Click image for larger view.
A working IBM-branded CP/M-86 version 1.0 OS disk has found it's way to me finally. These are not easy to find. By 1982 it was too late for Digital Research to secure a foothold as the operating system of choice for IBM's new 16-bit PC model 5150, six months after Microsoft's MS-DOS was already available. MS-DOS had more features and it was cheaper. I am not sure of the actual sales figures for IBM CP/M-86, but it can't be a high number. Original copies of this operating system are very hard to find today. For more information on the subject, read the July/August 1986 Micro/Systems Journal article titled ... [ read more ]

Apple IIe

by billdeg
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The original Apple ][ e computer.
Not much to say here, this is the original version of the Apple IIe, and this particular unit has a 64K card. I spent some time working through the 7 or so Apple IIe's I have, some need work. I'd like to get this one running with the Microsoft Softcard, so that I can run CP/M.
Sublogic version 1 Flight Simulator
Pictures">... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Garage Sale UPDATE

by billdeg
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Updated: [ TRS 80 Model II keyboards ] 06/04/2012
Thread date will be updated as photo list is updated. I have a huge number of items for sale Make an Offer Include: 1. Photo file name / url of item 2. Bid in $$'s 3. Do you want this shipped?/your location 1. This stuff is being sold through my company, so please send your offer(s) through so we can keep track of it all. I can try to answer individual questions if you're patient. The sales are going to be handled mostly Sean at the shop. 2. What prices? - Best offer over $20 if you want it shipped, best offer over $0 if you plan to pick it up. In about three weeks we will contact the winning offerors and make arrangements on a case by case basis. An offer of $0 is fine, if you plan to pick up the item and no one else bids more. Answers to some e">... [ read more ]

A New S-100 Bus SVGA Video Board

by monahan_z
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For those interested in S-100 Bus systems and corresponding CPM/MSDOS software, Andrew Lynch & I (John Monahan) have just finished constructing a new SVAG video prototype S-100 board. For those interesting in a better S-100 video display you might want to take a look at this board. It is capable of displaying a very crisp 100 characters per line. It is based on the LAVA-10 video chip set. This is a Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA module. Please see here for more details:- http://s100...10%20Board.htm Enjoy">... [ read more ]

Intro to Vintage Software Restoration

by billdeg
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For those of you who missed it, here is a copy of the packet Kelly Leavitt and I handed out for our Vintage Computer Festival East workshop - Introduction to Vintage Software Restoration. The workshop was held on Saturday at 10:15 AM and was well attended.">... [ read more ]

Large Apple III Collection

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Profile 5MB Hard Drives ] 05/08/2012
The Apple III Plus Computer. This unit is configured to use three drives.
I received a very large collection of Apple III computers and related items including docs and software from David Otalini. I have only begun to work through the 20 or so boxes of docs, parts, software, and newsletters. In the mean time, here are some photos. ">... [ read more ]

Big Iron Dominates VCF East 8.0

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Videos from VCF East 8 ] 05/15/2012
The highlight of the 2012 Vintage Computer Festival East 8.0 was this beautifully restored original PDP 8 computer. David Geeswein is the exhibitor and he demonstrated to onlookers how to load programs from papertape and interface the PDP 8 with an oscilloscope. Click image for larger view.
Dan Kottke and other event attendees chat about the early days of Apple Computer. Dan gave a captivating keynote talk on Sunday about the events that lead up to the founding of Apple Computer, his relationship with friend Steve Jobs, and his contributions to the Apple I, II, and /// systems. Click imag">... [ read more ]

Building a CP/M for Lobo MAX 80

by billdeg
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Updated: [ lobo cp/m disk images on the 'Net ] 05/06/2012
I wanted to see if I could do more than boot my MAX 80 using LDOS 5.1.3.
A Lobo Max 80 with a Lobo twin 8" drive, TRS 80 5Meg hard drive, and a set of Percom double density drives all attached to the back of the computer. The system is booting off the Percom drives using LDOS 5.1.3. Click image for larger image.
Close up of the drives.
Unfortunately my copy of CP/M for the MAX 80 won't boot on a single sided 8" Lobo drive. I need a 77 track DD drive, like a Shugart 850. I have no idea whether the TRS 80 5 mb hard drive actually works, but it made for a good picture.">... [ read more ]

Off The Hook Interview re: VCF E 8

by billdeg
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I was interviewed on the "Off The Hook" radio program by 2600 Magazine's Emmanuel Goldstein. Subject: VCF East 8.0, and a little about the upcoming HOPE conference talk Evan K and I will be doing there in July: The segment starts about 31:35 into the show.">... [ read more ]

Help! I need a Tandy WP100 for my father

by adistel
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Updated: [ did u find it? ] 04/20/2012
Hi Folks, I am looking to get a Tandy WP100 replacement for my dad. Tandy is a Radio Shack Brand. Does anybody know of a Brother version of this exact word processor? Or another brand name it might be under? My dad is very particular about this exact one. Thanks so much!">... [ read more ]

MS-DOS S-100 Bus Board

by monahan_z
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Updated: [ 8088 S-100 board update ] 04/10/2012
For those that may be interested I have written up a detailed description and construction details of the new MSDOS Support S-100 bus Board that Andrew & I have completed. A while back we decided to try and put together a kind of "catch all" S-100 board that would cleanup some loose ends need to easily run MSDOS on an S-100 system and with our future CPU boards. Here is what we could fit on one S-100 board. Please go here for more information:- http://s1...DOS%20Board.htm In Summary the board contains:- 8259A PIC First of course we need an 8259A interrupt controller. The chip is hard wired to ports 20H and 21H -- ports almost ever PC 8259A in the world is hard wired to these ports! One very useful feature we found on one of our earlier PIC-RTC board was the LED bar that stretched any one of the eight S-100 bus interrup">... [ read more ]

PDP 8e

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Names for Partitioned RK05 drives ] 03/18/2012
Started work on a PDP 8e full-height rack with DecPak RK05, Decprinter-I, and VT-52 terminal.
Digital PDP/8e Computer
Pictures. Status: System itself appears to work, in that I can load programs from the toggle switches and do some simple terminal I/O. There is an issue with the disk drive controller, but I will write more about that later. Looking for best way to use a laptop as a terminal to simulate a papertape for program I/O. Printer has not been tested.">... [ read more ]

Northstar Horizon DOS on any S-100

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Personalizing CP/M2 24K on Northstar ] 03/18/2012
Been working for the past week and a half to build a set of hardware that I can install into any S-100 computer that will boot the Northstar Horizon DOS system. So far I have a working MDS-A3 card, disks, dual external drives, cable. I am working with various monitor programs to fit the DOS bootstrap at E800 into the system. Been experimenting with different approaches. A lot of work without much to show for it....yet I have also in parallel been trying to get *any* Micropolis disk drive to boot (FDOS). I have a Vector Graphic ZCB single board computer with something called the Northstar Monitor 1.5. Using this as the processor card I can then activate my DAJEN Prom card with DAJEN monitor program to burn ePROMS. The idea is that once I get a working system I can burn it into an ePROM(S). I have a serial switch box that I can use to jump to the differently-configured monit">... [ read more ]
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