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DEC VAX 4000-705A

by billdeg
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A well stocked VAX 4000 was the last and I believe most capable 4000 model. Click image for larger view.
Here is the first part of the "show config" command output. Click image for larger view.
Show Dev output displays both SCSI and DSSI controllers. Click image for larger view.
Wikipedia: "...The VAX 4000 Model 705A, code-named "Legacy+", was introduced in la">... [ read more ]

Digital PDP 11/05 S in BA11-K

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Replaced h745 -15V ] 08/21/2018
BA11-K Mounting Box Fans
Started working on piecing together a PDP 11/05 S in a BA11-K Mounting Box. Pictured here are the fans that cool the H765 power supply's transformer. Note there are no DC voltage bricks installed. I removed the metal fan covers (they were rubbing the fan blades when you spin the fan manually). Click for larger view.
BA11-K Mounting Box Fans
This is a view of the power distribution board installed in the PDP 11/05 S chassis. The c">... [ read more ]

Rockwell R6500 (AIM 65)

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Cassette Signal Issue ] 07/21/2018
The Rockwell model R6500 was better known as the AIM 65. The AIM 65 is a 6502-based single board computer from 1976, although the model remained popular through the early 1980's until it was eventually replaced by the AIM 65/40.
AIM stands for "Advanced Interactive Microcomputer" and the 65 most likely is a reference to the 6502 processor and related chips. Right? I have two AIM 65 systems, one was fresh out of the box and never used. I am doing my experimenting with the used unit. I also have a 8-slot card cage containing a general purpose module, Serial card, disk controller, and video controller. The system boots to the system monitor and then I can jump to BASIC. I have run some assembly programs and some BASIC programs. Pictures I have a card cage wit">... [ read more ]

SGI Octane OS install 6.5.12

by billdeg
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Pictured is the SGI desktop with a telnet connection to the Level 29 BBS via the IRIX console program. Telnet BBS-ing is a good way start testing a network connection. Click image to see more photos
SGI UNIX is called IRIX. I first installed version 6.5 but then learned the hard way that an "Overlay" would be required if I wanted to use an external DNS beyond local IP networking. I fortunately had a copy of IRIX 6.5.12 Overlay (OS patches / updates) which did the trick. I have been told it's even better to find a newer version, 6.5.2x. IRIX:">... [ read more ]

Apple Lisa 210 A6S0200

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Keyboard Restoration ] 06/12/2018
In preparation for class demonstration of the Apple Lisa 2/10 I took some new photographs. Minor repairs were needed. I had to take apart the keyboard because the space bar had dislodged from the little clips that hold it in place. I also replaced the MAC mouse with an original Lisa mouse. Note the new pictures have the original mouse.">... [ read more ]

Digital VAX 4000-300

by billdeg
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DEC VAX 4000-300 door open
A peek with the door open of a DEC VAX 4000-300. Click image for larger view.
This photo shows the initial status of the computer. The power supply works, but after attempting to initialize, the system returns the errors as displayed on the screen. Click image for larger view.
More photos will be posted as the project progresses. More to come...">... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Festival East 13

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Lecture Notes Intro to VAX/VMS ] 06/05/2018
Prototype RCA COSMAC Computer
A prototype of what was to become the RCA COSMAC Computer. Created by Joseph A. Weisbecker, this system has an early version of the 1801 dual-chip CPU and dates to around 1972. Click image for larger view.
Otrona Attaché 8:16
The Otrona Attaché 8:16 Portable CP/M computer. Click image for larger view.
Consu The Educated Monkey an early 20th centory multiplication calculator. Click image for larger view.
... [ read more ]

C128 Display Cables and the 1084 Monitor

by billdeg
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with the Commodore 1084 display one can switch between all signal modes generated by the Commodore 128/128D computer. Note that there is both a CVBS (white/yellow/red) and RGB (grey) cable attached from the C128 to the 1084 display. Click image for larger view.
The CVBS / LCA button on the rear of the 1084 is in the LCA (out) position. This is required to display color while in 40-column CVBS signal mode (C64 or C128). If in the display will be grey. The position of this switch is ignored if you're using the RGB cable (80 column mode). Click image for larger view.
... [ read more ]

Sol-20 Keyboard Mylar Balloon Fix

by billdeg
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Processor Technologies SOL-20 Terminal Computer
The Processor Technologies Sol-20 Terminal Computer after keyboard restoration experiment with a mylar balloon attempted. Click image for larger view.
Happy Confirmation Balloon
I picked up the Happy Confirmation mylar balloon at the local Hallmark shop. Note the inner lining is metallic. Click image for larger view.
This i">... [ read more ]

IRC Chat Info

by billdeg
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Photo of my Commodore C-128D with JiffyDOS, various drives and 1084 monitor. This system uses a RR-Net to connect to IRC chat using GeoLink software. Click image for larger view.
geoLink: ...&show=summary Thread date is last update date #C64friends = #C64NetGaming = #vc = [I have been told the is not as active since this thread post was first created in 2013]">... [ read more ]

DEC Server 550 converted to 11/83

by billdeg
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This thread is a collection of notes taken to get started with this DecServer 550 with 11/83 cards (right three slots). The remaining cards currently in the slots would need to be removed and replaced with others suited to a 11/83. As I got the machine the cards were not plugged in. threads to review: http://www.vcfe....php/t-26959.html SO far I have: M8190 AE (CPU) M8637 EH (or EA?) RAM M8637 EH RAM need to complete build using QBUS cards on hand. http://scandocs...47AA-MG-001.pdf look to see if I can find RA72 drives and cables within my inventory. I have the correct controller cards: M7164 qbus sdi disk adapter 1 of 2 M7165 qbus sdi disk adpater 2 of 2 I">... [ read more ]

1993 HP NetServer 4d/66 LM

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Power Supply Bad ] 07/12/2018
HP Netserver 4d/66 LM With Pentium Upgrade
The HP NetServer 4d/66 LM with Pentium 66 upgrade installed was among the initial class of Pentium 60/66 machines sold in the USA. As far as I can tell, the name plate is the only thing differentiating this unit from a 4/66 LM that shipped with the Pentium installed by the factory. I have the 486 EISA card that was removed from this computer after it received a field upgrade. Click for larger view.
HP Netserver 4d/66 LM With Pentium Upgrade
HP's NetServer cache co">... [ read more ]

DEC QBUS and VAX card inventory

by billdeg
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This thread is for internal inventory purposes, please contact me if you need a part from this list. box 1 KZQSA M5976 -SA SCSI L4006 BA CPU DESQAB -SA M3127 -PA ALLEN BRADLEY 6008-SQH2 SERIES A REV C M7168? M7621-AM M7769 DSSI Disk Interface M7606 AF MicroVAX II CPU M7605 AC TQK25 tape drive controller M7622-AT RAM Microvax III M7621-AM RAM Microvax III M7622-AL RAM Microvax III M7504 QBUS Ethernet Adapter M9047 grant continuity M9060 YA Q-BUS +5/12VOLT LOAD MODULE CXY08 -M M3119 -YA CXY08-A 8-Line Asynch Multiplexor M7168 VCB02, QDSS 4-plane colour bitmap CXY08 -M M3119 -YA DELQA -SA M7516 -PA M7622-AT Microvax III M7621-AF M7169 (verify this) M7625 KA655-BA microvax III CPU M7620 KA650 Microvax III CPU PLASTIC MILK CRATE M7164 qbus sdi disk adapter 1 of 2 M7165 qbus sdi disk adpater 2 of 2 L4005-AA ?/ ~1987 vax 4000 RAM CXY08 -M M3119">... [ read more ]

The Computer Church

by billdeg
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the computer church museum
Unpacking the large collection. Looks like we have a pair of vintage Heathkit Servo Recorders. Click image for larger view.
the computer church museum
Dr. Michael Pearson, Director of The Computer Church. Click image for larger view.
More Photos ...more to come. The Computer Church a computer museum that will become open to the public in Spring 2018. It's located in Parkesburg, PA. about 15 miles from my house.">... [ read more ]

MITS 8800b Turnmon 9600 baud

by billdeg
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Updated: [ VG Monitor, TURNMON, Front Panel Altair ] 02/07/2018
Pertec MITS altair 8800b Turnkey model key view.
A view of the on/off key on the Pertec / MITS 8800b Turnkey model. The system required some minor repairs, a short was detected in the turnmon board preventing I/O from the Turnmon board. I repaired some burned out traces and set the baud rate to 9600.
Pertec / MITS Altair 8800b Turnkey model 9600 baud jumpers
View of a repaired turnkey "turnmon" board. Note S0, S1, and S2 are jumpered to produce 9600 baud. S0 required minor repair, some of the original trace metal was lost. The staining is only cosmetic. Click image for larger vie">... [ read more ]
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