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Commodore B Series SID Jukebox?

by billdeg - 03/05/2016
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Commodore B-128 with uIEC SD card drive
Commdoore B-128 reading off a uIEC SD card disk drive. Ah modern conveniences. Click for larger image.
SD card directory uIEC card
Directory listing of the SD card in the uIEC drive. These are files I use with my C-64, they are not compatible to run on the B-128, but the point was to make the connection. I was able to load and run 10TO8.PRG which re-assigns the drive number.
This thread will document my efforts to turn a Commodore B-128 into a SID jukebox. The B-128 has a SID chip just like the C-64 with the big difference bei">... [ read more ]

Wes Clark of DEC fame Dead @ 88

by billdeg - 02/23/2016
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http://www.techrepublic....neer-dies-at-88/ Wes worked with Ken Olson founder of Digital Equipment Corp, and I think he designed a modified version of the IBM TX-0 to serve as a stand-alone system which then inspired Ken Olson to design the PDP 1. He also kept it going with DEC and worked on the LINC system, etc. A true minicomputer pioneer.">... [ read more ]

January 2016 VCFed Workshop

by billdeg - 02/02/2016
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A typical workshop workstation complete with Red Bull and pizza boxes in the background. This set up was used to test, diagnose, and repair Commodore 1541 disk drives. I volunteered to lend a hand to restore a large collection of unknown-status drives owned by the "Vintage Computer Federation." click image for larger view.
Saturday: The computer club I helped establish in 2005, formerly known as MARCH, has now become the Vintage Computer Federation, a non-profit 501C, etc. VCFed has adopted my workshops concept and now includes them as a regular feature in their event calendar. I must admit it's easier than having everyone over at my long live the VCFe">... [ read more ]

DEC Information Request Reply Card

by billdeg - 02/01/2016
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Digital Information Request Reply Card
If you're considering a PDP 8/I, 8/L, PDP-9, PDP-10, PDP-12, Linc-8 and so on...send in this card! Click image to download PDF.
I tried calling but no one was there. They kept saying "Hello Hewlett Packard", but we all know that HP makes 2000 series mini's I must have gotten the wrong number... Digital Information Request Reply Card
Free postage, what a class act.
Card is from circa 1968 or early 1969.">... [ read more ]


by billdeg - 02/13/2010
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Last Post: [ Regulator Issues ] 01/24/2016
This thread will contain a review of selected EPROM cards for S-100 systems. DAJEN SCI ">... [ read more ]

Digital PDP 11/05 S in BA11-K

by billdeg - 10/01/2015
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Last Post: [ Chassis Covers ] 01/18/2016
BA11-K Mounting Box Fans
Started working on piecing together a PDP 11/05 S in a BA11-K Mounting Box. Pictured here are the fans that cool the H765 power supply's transformer. Note there are no DC voltage bricks installed. I removed the metal fan covers (they were rubbing the fan blades when you spin the fan manually). Click for larger view.
BA11-K Mounting Box Fans
This is a view of the power distribution board installed in the PDP 11/05 S chassis. The c">... [ read more ]

Tele-Graphic Computer Systems Inc.

by billdeg - 12/23/2015
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Tele Graphic (Tele-Graphic) Computer Systems Inc. George Risk model 753 keyboard enclosure
Tele-Graphic Computer Systems, Inc. of Shawnee Mission KS produced a keyboard enclosure for the George Risk model 753 ASCII keyboard. One may have purchased a keyboard like this for early S-100 and other homebrew computer systems. Click for larger View.
Note the "Here Is" key, as found in the ASR 33 Teletype. Tele-Graphic chose the popular George Risk keyboard for its enclosure because of its flexibility and reliability. George Risk ASCII keyboards are highly sought-after today for Altairs, IMSAIs, etc. This keyboard would have been perfect for early S-100 systems. ... [ read more ]


by billdeg - 04/17/2013
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Last Post: [ Repairing Legs of a 1702A ePROM ] 12/22/2015
Processor Technologies PTCO 2KRO 1702A 2K eProm Board
Processor Technologies PTCO 2KRO 1702A 2K eProm Board, .cir 1976. Click for larger View.
Here is a dump extracted from three 1702-A ePROMs installed in a PTCO 2KRO board. The dump below consists of the three 1702-A ROMs. The first is (my guess) some sort of 8080 monitor program or bootstrap, the second is the PTCO VDM-1 board initialization routine, and the third may be additional instructions for a 3P+S card to interface to run with a teletype (ASR33?). Just a guess. I will update the thread after I get a chance to test. I also have to determine the memory locations of each. The card is not documented on the web. The jumper W is in the "1" position. I am guessing">... [ read more ]

Alphacom Terminal Computer

by billdeg - 01/30/2013
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Last Post: [ Cover Removal Interior Inspection ] 11/21/2015
The 1969-70 Alphacom was an intelligent terminal used for form processing and possibly some other smart terminal functions. This terminal has a form factor that was ahead of its time, making it look like a SOL-20. On top is a standard television set with an "Alphacom" label. Click image for larger view.
Here's a good project for me. Nothing much is known about the operation of the Alphacom company or its products other than what the previous owner told me, and what I can deduce from the functions printed on the keyboard. I have located no documentation or advertising brochures, as of this writing. Is it just a terminal or did it perform some computing functions too? Probably wishful thinking. What w">... [ read more ]

Robert A. Stryk - Oral History

by billdeg - 11/09/2015
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Video by Jennifer McDermott Subject: Robert A. Stryk. Part of a series: Digital Oldtimers. Oral Histories from the Early Years of Computing Van de Graaff accelerator earned Robert A. Stryk a PhD in nuclear physics in 1967. He observed quantum tunneling of the particles and solved non-linear least squares problems using a CDC 1604 computer. photo credits. Can you spot the image(s)? I found one photo I took at 29:31 into the video.">... [ read more ]

TRW Mobile Computer Centers RW-300 / 340

by billdeg - 11/11/2014
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Last Post: [ Book: French computer manufacturers ] 11/09/2015
The TRW RW-300 Digital Control Computer, 1960
Pictured is the The 1960 RW-300 Digital Control Computer which is the heart of the RW-300 Portable Process Analysis Unit. "..The RW-300 portable process analysis unit represents a new approach to the problem of analyzing and improving the performance of a chemical or industrial plant. It makes available for the first time in a mobile research unit the powerful capabilities of the RW-300 Digital Control Computer.." "..The unit is contained in a 28-foot semi-trailer for easy removal from one site to another..." Click image for larger view.
TRW Computermobile Mark II portable versiopn of its RW-340 mini comput... [ read more ]

Video of Altair Playing Music

by billdeg - 05/06/2009
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Last Post: [ Centre For Computing History Video ] 11/09/2015
On page 6 and 7 of the Feb 1976 Dr. Dobb's Journal there is an article about using the Altair 8800 to make music by sending radio signals to a nearby AM radio. The article provides a program listing in octal, and the data for Fool on the Hill by the Beatles and Daisy (2001 Space Odyssey, etc.). To load the program just toggle in the program and data into the addresses suggested.">... [ read more ]

Digital TU10 DECmagtape Transport

by billdeg - 09/05/2015
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Last Post: [ Disassembly and Cleaning ] 10/30/2015
TU10 DECmagtape
circa 1972 TU10 DECmagtape Transport with tape door open and wall plates removed. This unit includes the TU10M (Master) backplane. Click for larger view.
TU10 DECmagtape backplane
This TU10 was a master unit ("TU10M"), meaning it contained the TM11 controller backplane installed in the cabinet with its own separate power supply. Pictured is backplane card sets for the "slave" components. You can see the TM11 controller as the backplane parallel to the front of the chassis. Click for larger view.... [ read more ]

NASA Vintage Programmer Position Avail

by billdeg - 10/29/2015
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http://www.popularmechan...retiring-engineer/ A dream job if you like vintage computers and know your stuff...">... [ read more ]

Fortran Man - F-Man and Billy BASIC

by billdeg - 09/30/2007
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Last Post: [ Rebuttal by Original Author of F-Man ] 09/27/2015

Click for larger image

Fortran and IBM were symbols of authority-controlled mainframe computers, unavailable to the the public. Bob Albrecht, a founder of the People's Computer Company, considered FORTRAN a stifling and boring programming language. Bob undoubtedly influenced the opinions of the authors of Fortran Man.

F-Man's side-kick "Billy BASIC is a non-flattering reference to Bill Gates of Micro-soft. Gates was at the time criticized by the PCC leadership, the Homebrew Computer Club, Community Memory, and many old-school hardware hackers for discouraging distribution of the Micro-soft BASIC software unless the user paid for their copy. Up to t">... [ read more ]
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