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TRW Mobile Computer Centers RW-300 / 340

by billdeg - 11/11/2014
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Last Post: [ Book: French computer manufacturers ] 11/09/2015
The TRW RW-300 Digital Control Computer, 1960
Pictured is the The 1960 RW-300 Digital Control Computer which is the heart of the RW-300 Portable Process Analysis Unit. "..The RW-300 portable process analysis unit represents a new approach to the problem of analyzing and improving the performance of a chemical or industrial plant. It makes available for the first time in a mobile research unit the powerful capabilities of the RW-300 Digital Control Computer.." "..The unit is contained in a 28-foot semi-trailer for easy removal from one site to another..." Click image for larger view.
TRW Computermobile Mark II portable versiopn of its RW-340 mini comput...<strong> <a href=[ read more ]

Video of Altair Playing Music

by billdeg - 05/06/2009
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Last Post: [ Centre For Computing History Video ] 11/09/2015
On page 6 and 7 of the Feb 1976 Dr. Dobb's Journal there is an article about using the Altair 8800 to make music by sending radio signals to a nearby AM radio. The article provides a program listing in octal, and the data for Fool on the Hill by the Beatles and Daisy (2001 Space Odyssey, etc.). To load the program just toggle in the program and data into the addresses suggested. [ read more ]

Digital TU10 DECmagtape Transport

by billdeg - 09/05/2015
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Last Post: [ Disassembly and Cleaning ] 10/30/2015
TU10 DECmagtape
circa 1972 TU10 DECmagtape Transport with tape door open and wall plates removed. This unit includes the TU10M (Master) backplane. Click for larger view.
TU10 DECmagtape backplane
This TU10 was a master unit ("TU10M"), meaning it contained the TM11 controller backplane installed in the cabinet with its own separate power supply. Pictured is backplane card sets for the "slave" components. You can see the TM11 controller as the backplane parallel to the front of the chassis. Click for larger view. [ read more ]

NASA Vintage Programmer Position Avail

by billdeg - 10/29/2015
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http://www.popularmechan...retiring-engineer/ A dream job if you like vintage computers and know your stuff...... [ read more ]

Fortran Man - F-Man and Billy BASIC

by billdeg - 09/30/2007
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Last Post: [ Rebuttal by Original Author of F-Man ] 09/27/2015

Click for larger image

Fortran and IBM were symbols of authority-controlled mainframe computers, unavailable to the the public. Bob Albrecht, a founder of the People's Computer Company, considered FORTRAN a stifling and boring programming language. Bob undoubtedly influenced the opinions of the authors of Fortran Man.

F-Man's side-kick "Billy BASIC is a non-flattering reference to Bill Gates of Micro-soft. Gates was at the time criticized by the PCC leadership, the Homebrew Computer Club, Community Memory, and many old-school hardware hackers for discouraging distribution of the Micro-soft BASIC software unless the user paid for their copy. Up to t... [ read more ]

IC and chip inventory

by billdeg - 09/27/2015
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Thread date is last update date. The purpose of this list is to make it easier for me to determine if I have certain loose chips available. ID 2nd ID Comment/Quantity 2114-550 120 2708 1 2716 TMM3233D EPROM 1 6509 6581 6820 68A50 (6850) 3 7403 8146 8331 1534 9616 1 1702 AM1702ADC 1702 PROM 2111A-4 2 2382-4014 8051 INTEL 77 2516JD-45 DAP8114 2641-2569 D8288 S4349 1 27128-20 8447 EPROM 1 2716 2 27P08JDL P7906 EPROM 1 291YCC E 8544 ?? 1 318004-04 3384 PAL Kernal ROM CBM 264 325302-01 1486 3334116 2 341001 APPLE78E0(1 BAD?) 2 341-0010-00 APPLE 3.2 CHIP 341-0036-00 88241 APPLE 341002 APPLE78E8 (BAD?) 341003 APPLE78F0 (BAD?) 341-0909- APPLE1978 369-6502-A 11 4116 21 51CNKNK ULN2003AN 2 5864PN-15L 4 6509R4 6509R7 2 6522 1086 6525A 4 ... [ read more ]

Commodore 64 / 1541 DRIVEKNOCK

by billdeg - 09/22/2015
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Attach your C64 to your non-functioning disk drive of choice and put a scratch disk into the drive. Power up to READY prompt. Run this program OPEN15,8,15 PRINT#15,"V" CLOSE 15 This is called the "driveknock" program, I used to use it to sometimes revive a failing drive. Should work for many kinds of C64 serial drives.... [ read more ]

PACS: Reflections by Kathleen Mauchly

by billdeg - 09/18/2015
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Kathleen Mauchly penned a column in the Philadelphia Area Computer Society (PACS) newsletter "Data Bus" from 1981-83. Kathleen, wife of John Mauchly co-inventor of the ENIAC and other computer systems, offers her perspective of the post war computer revolution and other topics. Click image to enter articles and scans directory to download.
... [ read more ]

Apple IIc

by billdeg - 09/17/2015
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Apple IIc
The 1984 Apple IIc was the first portable Apple II model. In the rear of the unit the carrying handle could also be lowered to lift/hold the system at an angle to make it easier to type. The disk drive was built into the side. Click for larger view.
Apple IIc
View of the Apple IIc introduction disk intro screen, using a the Apple Monochrome Monitor. Click for larger view.
... [ read more ]

Digital VT100 Terminal

by billdeg - 09/12/2015
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Digital VT100 Terminal
The DEC VT100 is probably the most famous terminal of the late 70's early 1980's. This unit has the Advanced Video Option (AVO) installed which allows 24 lines of text in 132 column mode. Click for larger view.
Being that I will use this terminal mostly for accessing my VAX 4000, I set it to default to 19200 baud. The other "Setup B" settings are: 1) 0101 2) 0011 3) 0010 4) 1010 So, if you read this post and you are struggling with getting your VT100 to communicate with your computer... First connect your computer to the terminal. You may need a NULL MODEM adapter (I did not), situations vary. Understand the communications settings your computer or server requires. Make sure your vt100 is in ONLI... [ read more ]

TRW 530 Information Processing System

by billdeg - 09/09/2015
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Cover of the TRW 530 Information Processing System Operator's Manual. Click to access directory.
This is a rare scan, not found elsewhere so I posted here.
The front panel of the TRW 530. Click for larger view.
... [ read more ]

New ETKM 8800b Turnkey Monitor Found

by billdeg - 04/25/2015
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Last Post: [ ETKM = Vector Graphics Monitor ] 08/23/2015
A few ROMs for the 8800 I have collected including a totally new to me "ETKM" Turnkey Monitor Program that is HEX, not octal based. I still need to take a look at it in a HEX editor so I can see what commands are available and learn more about what it does. So far I learned it has an E command as in E 0000 - 0FFF (show me a dump of RAM from this range). Stay tuned.... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Model III Hi-res Graphics Board

by billdeg - 09/05/2014
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Last Post: [ Compatibility Issues ] 08/19/2015
TRS 80 Model III 26-1125 hi-res board demo image
TRS 80 Model III 26-1125 hi-res board demo image. Click on image for larger view.
Here are the initialization commands necessary for a model III with programs written with micro-labs GBASIC, and a model III 26-1125 graphics board: A=PEEK(16912) OR 16 POKE 16912, A OUT 236,A TRS 80 Model III 26-1125 hi-res board
TRS 80 Model III 26-1125 hi-res board. Note that to get to the board I had to first remove the factory-in... [ read more ]

MITS 8800b Turnmon 9600 baud

by billdeg - 09/15/2013
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Last Post: [ Load BASIC into ROMS ] 08/09/2015
Pertec MITS altair 8800b Turnkey model key view.
A view of the on/off key on the Pertec / MITS 8800b Turnkey model. The system required some minor repairs, a short was detected in the turnmon board preventing I/O from the Turnmon board. I repaired some burned out traces and set the baud rate to 9600.
Pertec / MITS Altair 8800b Turnkey model 9600 baud jumpers
View of a repaired turnkey "turnmon" board. Note S0, S1, and S2 are jumpered to produce 9600 baud. S0 required minor repair, some of the original trace metal was lost. The staining is only cosmetic. Click image for larger vie... [ read more ]

Friden Model 132 Electronic Calculator

by billdeg - 12/17/2009
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Last Post: [ repair complete ] 07/27/2015
The 1965 Friden 132 Electronic Calculator was the first electronic calculator capable of doing square root.
The 4 row display of the Friden 132.
More pictures ... [ read more ]
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