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1970 Compusad Compulogical Tutor

by billdeg
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Users guide for the Compulogical Tutor, image courtesy Smithsonian Institute Archives. Click image for larger view.
The 1970 Compusad Compulogical Tutor. Click image for larger view.
Advertisement from Radio Electronics June 1970. Click image for larger view.
NEXT: I have been in contact with the Smithsonian to get a copy of the manual, but until then I plan to do my best to set up some sort of demo program for Kennett Classic exhibit.">... [ read more ]

1979 (/80) CTI MR 2000 Z80 PDA

by billdeg
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The California Technology International MR 2000 was powered by a Z80 CPU and in theory could have been "upgraded" to run BASIC if the manufacturer wanted to do this, but alas true laptops were still a few years away. The MR 2000 came out in 1979 or 1980. Click image for larger view.
The first PDAs came out in the late 1970's, most of which were calculators with memory and simple notes, calendar, address book type functions. CTI took this concept in a different direction with its PDA's. Their concept was born in the MR 2000, which looks like the early laptop computers of the same footprint that came out a year or two later. On the continuum of portable devices the MR 2000 fits perfectly into the flow of developments of the times. VIDEO:">... [ read more ]

ComputerMania 1977

by billdeg
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The program cover from Kilobaud Magazine's August 1977 computer convention, "COMPUTERMANIA"
According to the author of the program, the first public demonstration of the Tandy Radio Shack TRS 80 Model 1 was at this convention. 7-8PM on Thursday August 25th. Commodore, IMSAI, North Star, DEC, IBM, Motorola, OSI, and many others had booths at this convention. Apple and MITS were not there notably. View PDF (requires guest registration. Sort by Name or Date to locate).">... [ read more ]

Moving Big Iron to Kennett Classic

by billdeg
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Under cover of darkness, father and son preparing to unload a DEC Alpha 2100 4/275, DEC Vax 4000-705a and and a Tektronix 4016 terminal to their new home at Kennett Classic. Click image for larger view.
">... [ read more ]

1958 UNIVAC File Computer Model 1

by billdeg
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The massive storage needs of the UNIVAC File Computer was handled by its cutting edge (for 1958) drum memory system. Pictured is a drum memory control module from the Model 1. Click image for larger view.
Photo of manuals from the Model 1. Click image for larger view.
You can visit these items on display at Kennett Classic. I am told these computers were most often used by Airline reservation systems, but this set of manuals originated from the Engineering Department of DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware. Before the advent of the modern movable hard drive seek head, hard drives resembl">... [ read more ]

Computer People for Peace

by billdeg
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Click for larger image.
Archive (incomplete) mirror of an interesting collection of newsetters for a social activist group active in the late 60's early 70's and based in Brooklyn, NY. archive">... [ read more ]

SOl-20 909090 pattern fix

by billdeg
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Sol-20 2012 RAM
intel 2102 RAM chips installed on the SOL-20 motherboard. Note some read equiv name AM91L02. I tested and swapped out two of these to resolve the 909090 pattern error displayed on the screen. Click to view larger view.
The last time I used my SOL-20 it was fine, other than the keyboard. I set up my SOL-20 this weekend to see how it would work with the OAE OP-80A papertape reader. I never got that far as when I fired up the machine I was greeted with a screen full of 909090 rather than a SOLOS prompt. I took a look at the troubleshooting section of the Processor Technologies Sol Systems Manual, page 250. It suggested which TTL chips to test, but I had already checked and ruled out those, so I next tested t">... [ read more ]

Collosus 1980

by billdeg
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The cover of American Cinematographer April 1969. Ever seen the movie Colossus 1980?
">... [ read more ]

1980 Cromemco 3102 Terminal

by billdeg
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The 1980 Cromemco 3102 terminal was made by the Beehive corporation and re-badged for Cromemco. Click image for larger view.
Pictured is the 3102 Terminal with a 1981 Cromemco System One. The terminal has a larger footprint than the computer. In real life, the terminal would sit on the desk and the computer was probably installed under the desktop in a custom enclosure. Click image for larger view.
Pictured is how one would boot from the B d">... [ read more ]

IMSAI PCS-80/30 with Persci 277 Drive

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Testing Perscii 277 ] 03/18/2020
This system came into Kenett Classic for repairs. The customer described how the disk does not boot. Click image for larger view.
Here is a photo of the Persci 277 dual disk drive with the cover removed. Click image for larger view.
The system came with a Processor Technologies Sol System Video Monitor, something I had not seen before. Click image for larger view.
">... [ read more ]

1987 Macintosh SE Motherboard Battery

by billdeg
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Macintosh SE
The original 1987 Macintosh SE computer. SE stands for "System Expansion", which was a new feature of the small-footprint models. Click image for larger view.
Macintosh SE
Pictured is the motherboard battery. Change or remove? Click image for larger view.
Macintosh SE
Remove! Just clip it out. I left the leads so I can replace in the future. Click image for larger view">... [ read more ]

PET 2001-8 Ripple Effect Display

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Repair completed ] 02/06/2020
Snapshot in mid motion. Need to diagnose cause of a rippling screen that reminds me of a flag waving in a slow wind. Click image for larger view.
See video: https://www.face...7003536391245/ Going with assumption the brightness, contrast, vertical hold are ok and the screen does not shrink. It looks like a flag slowly rippling in the wind because a cap(s) is failing but not failed entirely. Probably unrelated is the fact that I had to bang on the chassis when the system was first powered on in order to get the display to show anything. There may also be a cracked solder joint somewhere. Conclusion - The entire display needs to be worked over,">... [ read more ]

For-Sale / Items Wanted

by billdeg
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NOTE: date of thread = the last update date. Note there are some old specific item for-sale threads on this site. If they're not linked from here, they're probably expired/sold. NEC PC-6001A with cassette RK06 Alignment Disk RK06 Data Disks UNIBUS Regulators (parts / not guaranteed) More! FOR SALE We now have items for sale at Kennett Classic: href="/price_list.cfm">Mostly Commodore and Tandy stuff here History of Commodore Poster Items Wanted Free Stuff? (Varies every day. Donations held by me and not claimed by VCfed (who has first dibs) are avail you're a VCFed member. I have tons of spare cables and adapters. Pickup only) Contact me if you have a specific request. NEW indic">... [ read more ]

Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P Mods

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Detailed MOD Photos ] 01/10/2020
This OSI Challenger 1P came to Kennett Classic as a donation. It has some interesting mods installed including a "BREAK/No BREAK" mod and a "Tape" mod. Click image for larger view.
A "Sup-R-Mod" has been installed so that the computer can be attached to a black and white television on channel 33. Not any TV will work, only the old style sets without a certain type of synch (forget the details) such as the pictured Sony PVJ-51RU I picked up from a computer rescue last year. Click image for larger view.
NEXT: Open the system and work through the mods, try to find matching documentat">... [ read more ]

SIMH Emulator - 1956 LGP-30 Computer

by billdeg
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Updated: [ LGP-30 Arduino Simulator ] 12/08/2019
The 1956 Royal Precision Electronic Computer model LGP-30
The 1956 Royal Precision Electronic Computer model LGP-30
Making heads or tails of the LGP-30 SIMH simulator written for the Royal Precision Electronic Computer model LGP-30 is a worthy challenge for any early 21st Century computer user. Built by the Royal McBee Corporation and first sold in late 1956, this machine is mentioned by sources to be the first personal computer - i.e. the first electronic computer designed for one person to use / operate. The Friden Flexowriter is the I/O device. The Flexowriter is similar to the ASR 33 Teletype in that it included both a typewriter/printer and a papertape storage/reader function. Operational">... [ read more ]
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