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Altair 88-MBL MultBoot Loader

by billdeg
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I won an Altair 8800 Prom Board with an 88-MBL prom installed. Tested. The data loaded into memory matches the code listing in the documentation. To be continued.">... [ read more ]

Fido BBS listing node list 6-13-1986

by billdeg
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I found a copy of a fidonet node list on a diskette. This nodelist is not currently on any archive. In the BBS spirit, one used to have to upload files before one could get into the deeper levels of a BBS. Back then I remember thinking, what files do I have that anyone would want? Fido BBS listing as of Friday, June 13, 1986 -- Day number 164 : 201113 FIDONET node list 6/13/1986 ">... [ read more ]

IBM 5144 Display

by billdeg
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The IBM 5144 was the first "modern" design display made by IBM.
The IBM 5140 PC Convertible Laptop had a lot of add-on features. One of these was an rear attachment for an external display. Pictured is the 5144 monochrome display.
The IBM 5144 the monochrome display made for the Convertible. There was also a color version. The 5144 pre-dated the PS/2 line VGA monitor style, and had the same angles as the 8514 and other first generation PS/2 VGA monitors.
The IBM 5140 came with a customizable menu program and IBM DOS 3.2.
More pictures of IBM PC Convertible Model 5140">... [ read more ]

Commodore IEEE Drive Blink Codes

by billdeg
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This is a copy of text from , for my reference, whose source is I assume the owners/repair manual or somewhere else on the web. Disk drive error codes (4040, 8050, 8250, sfd-1001, D9060, D9090) The Commodore disk drives indicated hardware failures detected during boot with a blink code. Here's the meaning from the 8050/8250 service manual: POWER UP DIAGNOSTIC FOR 8050/8250 FLASH CODE On power up, the three LED's on the drive should blink. The drive LED's go off and the center Tri-State LED remains green. The system has a built-in self diagnostic which can be read in the form of a flash code. In the event of a failure, the 3 LED's will blink in a repetitive sequence. The number of blinks between intervals will indicate the possible location of a failure. ERROR INDICATIONS NUMBER OF FLASHES ERROR CAUSE COMPONENT LOCATION 1 Zero Page 6532 UC1,">... [ read more ]

Fire Destroys Orig. R.E.S.T.O.R.S Home

by billdeg
Total messages in this thread: 1 HOPEWELL TWP. Windswept flames 50 feet high yesterday destroyed the local barn where computer programming first flourished, beneath an imported stage that was first used at the New York Worlds Fair of 1964. The 50-by-100 foot building on the property of computer pioneer Claude A.R. Kagan, now 85, gained a reputation in the late 60s and 70s as a hangout for misfits from Hopewell Valley High and Princeton kids whom Kagan said he pulled away from pot and turned on to computers. Early members of that first 1967 computer club in New Jersey, known as the RESISTORS, wrote programs in SAM76, Kagans own early computer language, and even wrote a primer about the language, said an ode to Kagan when he was honored as 2007 Hobbyist of the Year by the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey. ">... [ read more ]

How to Use PET 2001-8 2nd Cassette Port

by billdeg
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Commodore PET 2001-8's have the built-in cassette player, but many of the internal players no longer work. Here is how to use an external cassette player from a VIC-20 or newer PET: 1. Plug external cassette unit into the port on the far left (facing from the back). The port has slot guides that should match your cassette jack. 2. The 2nd cassette port is assigned the number "2", so the command to access the 2nd cassette drive is LOAD "FILENAME",2 SAVE "FILENAME",2 ..where FILENAME = the file you wish to open. If you have a cassette but you don't know what the name of the program is, you can get a directory by substituting the FILENAME with the * character. Get a pen and write down the file names as the system lists them to your screen. Even a short program will take 30 seconds or more to load be patient. Note that the oldest PET's do not have the ability to i">... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Model III Drive Replacement

by billdeg
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The TRS 80 Model III with Texas Peripherals 10-5355 drives. The top drive in this unit (drive 1) is not functional so I replaced it.
After testing thoroughly, I determined that the index sensor was bad, I could not verify a formatted disk. I decided to put in a new drive rather than fix it. First I put in an IBM Tandon 100 2A, it worked but it looked funny with the "IBM" logo. I settled instead for a TEC FB-2002-TR000 drive. The two drives look different, but they work. More pictures">... [ read more ]

Pictures of New Items

by billdeg
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I received a whole slew of computers, parts, and vintage electronics from Steve and Marcia Plotkin who were clearning out their garage. Here are some pictures. Atari 400 Tricord M40/50 File Server TI Silent 700 AT&T Dataphone II 2248A Sharp HC-4500 Color Handheld Computer Motorola Alpha Mate II pager terminal Unpopulated Series 1 4956 CPU Chassis The rest of the items are vintage electronics, and I put them all in the "items available" directory for future reference until I figure out what to do with them.">... [ read more ]

Toshiba T1100 Plus Laptop

by billdeg
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I ran some tests on my Toshiba T1100 Plus laptop.
The 1986 Toshiba T1100 Plus laptop.
The LCD display is perfect, and the battery still holds a charge. This is rare for such an old laptop, so I periodically re-charge the battery to try to keep it functional for as long as possible. The only issue is that I have to charge up the battery for about 15 minutes before I can complete the boot cycle and load its Toshiba DOS v 3.2.
Bag and docs for the T1100 Plus
More Pictures">... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Model 4 drive replacement

by billdeg
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I have three Model 4's, this one was used last year by one of my students for his class project.
TRS 80 Model 4 with replacement high capacity 1/2-height disk drive.
I installed a replacement drive with 80 tracks / more capacity. Tested, working. If you look just above the new drive you can still see the old metal plate that was covering the original full-height drive. It looks funny so I removed it. More Pictures">... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Model 4P with 15Meg HD

by billdeg
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I ran a series of tests on my TRS 80 Model 4P with TRS 80 15 Meg hard drive.
TRS 80 Model 4P with TRS 80 15 Meg hard drive
I got this one in a trade with Kelly of MARCH, in exchange for a complete Model 1 set up with Expansion Interface.
This system is formatted with Montezuma CP/M and the hard drive is partitioned into A, B, C, and D drive. The disk drives are E and F. There is also an M RAM drive.
More Pictures">... [ read more ]

Tip on Copying CBM disks (non-C64)

by billdeg
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This is a copy of a post from CBM-hackers mailing list, from Steve Gray. I am going to give it a try. "..I've had good success transfering 8x50 disks using a B128, serial cable, cbmlink, and my own CBMXfer (not really required if you can use the cbmlink commandline interface). The nice thing about the B128/600 is its built-in RS-232 port, so there are no specialized cabling or adapters to build. .." Steve Gray ">... [ read more ]

SWTPC 6800 memory upgrade

by billdeg
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I installed an additional 4K successfully onto the MP-8M2 RAM card. Now I have access to 8K 0000-0fff = 4K 1000-1fff = 8K A000- ?? = MP-A2 processor scratch RAM">... [ read more ]

Creative Computing BASIC Library

by billdeg
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I am not sure where or when I got these, but here is a collection of BASIC programs from Creative Computing magazine. Using a terminal program like Teraterm a person can feed these BASIC programs by using the "send file" command. Once the proram has been downloaded, edit to operate on the system to match the version of BASIC installed. Download">... [ read more ]

Amstrad PCW8256

by billdeg
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The Amstrad PCW8256 is unique because the storage media is 3 inch diskettes (not 3.5"). This is the first model of the PCW "Joyce" line.
The Amstrad PCW8256 Wordprocessor Computer uses 3 inch disks (not 3.5").
This system worked the last time I powered it on (earlier 2000's) but apparently the drive belt has finally gone bad. Here is a link for repair information. I *guess* I will replace the belt if I can get one cheaply enough. As always there is always someone selling parts on Ebay... href="/amstrad/">Pictures">... [ read more ]
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