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Computer History and Restoration Links
  by Bill Degnan - 04/01/2014 09:24
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Suggest a site here.

Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists

Bryan's Old Computers Document Archive rTTY Art Repository

Restoration of Yellowed Plastic Computer Cases

Vintage Hard Drive and related hardware specs, cylinders, tracks, etc

Vintage 70-80's Floppy Drive Tech Info
[A Must-read]

Floppy Drive FAQ for Tandy and related

Tandy MFM Hard Disk Drive Reference

TRS 80 / Tandy Archive

More Tandy OS (Ira Goldklang)

Related to Floppy Drive Emulation
http://members.fortuneci...kvisionit/emufdd_it.htm (Chinese)

DBIT: Source for 8" drive adapter to work on a newer drive controller

M. Farris & Associates support for storage devices

Altair, IMSAI, Elf Emulators

Apple II Repair

Herb Johnsons S-100, CP/M and related history website is a very good resource

S-100 Computers
A web site for S-100 bus computer owners. Lots of cards, good reference Datastore:
Manuals and system docs galore.

Erik Klein's Vintage Computers
Excellent vintage computer forum. Lots of info and pictures of a wide variety systems.

Home Computer Museum - Germany
Large (very large) collection of "keyboard is the computer" era machines (primarily 1979-87)

Commodore Plus/4 World "..Lots of good Commodore
Plus4 stuff there, including a fairly active forum..."

TPUG's Canadian Commodore SIG

Ray Carlsen's CBM Repair FAQs

Dave Dunfield's Site -
vintage computer newbies should start here

Bitsavers Software and Document Archive

Chicago Classic Computing (see: docs)


Altair Computer Notes at Rich Cini's site -

Jim Battle's SOL website


IBM PS/2 Reference Files/drivers

All Things (IBM/PC) DOS

AT&T Unix PC 7300 / 3B1 FAQ

The A+
Reference Book" by Phil Croucher, which lists switch settings for hundreds of motherboards, BIOS settings, POST codes and much more.

Samuel S Snyder's 1964 "History of NSA General-Purpose Electronic Digital Computers"

Oscilloscopes -

Collector's Weekly Vintage Computer Links Page

Computer Collector - Collection of links to many sites (except this one! hint hint)

EarlyComputers: An Eclectic Collection of Personal Computers, featuring a variety of rare analog computers