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Computer History and Restoration Links
  by Bill Degnan - 10/10/2015 18:37
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Suggest a site here.

Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists

Every Computer That Ever Was (list)

Bryan's Old Computers Document Archive

Bitsavers Software and Document Archive rTTY Art Repository

Restoration of Yellowed Plastic Computer Cases

Vintage Hard Drive and related hardware specs, cylinders, tracks, etc

Vintage 70-80's Floppy Drive Tech Info
[A Must-read]

Floppy Drive FAQ for Tandy and related

Tandy MFM Hard Disk Drive Reference

TRS 80 / Tandy Archive

More Tandy OS (Ira Goldklang)

DBIT: Source for 8" drive adapter to work on a newer drive controller

M. Farris & Associates support for storage devices


Introduction to VAX/VMS

VAX System User Admin

VAX/VMS - Clean up tasks

Altair, IMSAI, Elf Emulators

Apple II Restoration

Herb Johnson's S-100, CP/M and related history website is a very good resource

S-100 Computers
A web site for S-100 bus computer owners. Lots of cards, good reference Datastore:
Manuals and system docs galore.

Floppy Days Podcast

Erik Klein's Vintage Computers
Excellent vintage computer forum. Lots of info and pictures of a wide variety systems.

Home Computer Museum - Germany
Large (very large) collection of "keyboard is the computer" era machines (primarily 1979-87)

Commodore Plus/4 World "..Lots of good Commodore
Plus4 stuff there, including a fairly active forum..."

TPUG's Canadian Commodore SIG

Ray Carlsen's CBM Repair FAQs

Dave Dunfield's Site -
vintage computer newbies should start here

Chicago Classic Computing (see: docs)


Altair Computer Notes at Rich Cini's site -

Jim Battle's SOL website


IBM PS/2 Reference Files/drivers

All Things (IBM/PC) DOS

AT&T Unix PC 7300 / 3B1 FAQ

The A+
Reference Book" by Phil Croucher, which lists switch settings for hundreds of motherboards, BIOS settings, POST codes and much more.

How to Add CD ROM to MS DOS Machine

Samuel S Snyder's 1964 "History of NSA General-Purpose Electronic Digital Computers"

Oscilloscopes -

Collector's Weekly Vintage Computer Links Page

Computer Collector - Collection of links to many sites (except this one! hint hint)

EarlyComputers: An Eclectic Collection of Personal Computers, featuring a variety of rare analog computers