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1977ApplianceComputer.pdf 1,473,417 KB
1977ApplianceComputer.txt 302 KB
Akari SGI Indy.jpg 283,737 KB
AppleDappleDudes 1.jpg 315,523 KB
AppleDappleDudes 2.jpg 173,162 KB
AppleDappleDudes 3.jpg 380,902 KB
AppleDappleDudes 4.jpg
AppleDappleDudes 5.jpg 349,758 KB
AppleDappleDudes 6.jpg 275,610 KB
AppleDappleDudes 7.jpg 372,753 KB
BillDegnan ApplianceComputers.
Bodnar Heathkit-1.jpg
Bodnar Heathkit-2.jpg 459,792 KB
Bodnar Heathkit- HA8-6 Z80-bd.
Chapman IXR-1.JPG 479,246 KB
Chapman IXR-2.jpg
Chapman IXR-Connor.JPG
Chapman IXR-GotChIps.jpg 599,060 KB
Chapman IXR-guests.jpg 257,602 KB
Chapman IXR-IDE-kits.JPG 527,961 KB
Chapman IXR-tools.jpg 565,713 KB
Commodorians 1.jpg 375,523 KB
Commodorians 10.jpg
Commodorians 11.jpg 398,711 KB
Commodorians 12.jpg 333,990 KB
Commodorians 2.jpg 321,678 KB
Commodorians 3.jpg 436,760 KB
Commodorians 4.jpg 327,341 KB
Commodorians 5.jpg 483,059 KB
Commodorians 6.jpg 523,400 KB
Commodorians 7.jpg 487,525 KB
Commodorians 8.jpg 494,339 KB
Commodorians 9.jpg
Consignment 1.jpg 407,375 KB
Consignment 2.jpg 453,554 KB
Consignment 3.jpg 487,041 KB
Consignment 4.jpg 461,715 KB
Consignment 5.jpg 459,292 KB
Consignment Corsham.jpg
Consignment Station.jpg 279,842 KB
Consignment Station2.jpg 292,288 KB
Consignment Station Jim.jpg
Crawford SuperBrain front-pic1
Crawford SuperBrain front-pic2 183,977 KB
Crawford SuperBrain Kermit-dip
Crawford SuperBrain rear-pic1. 268,287 KB
Crawford SuperBrain rear-pic2. 315,308 KB
Crawford SuperBrain rear-pic3.
Decker Fletcher 295,369 KB
Decker Fletcher BattleChess Ap 403,917 KB
Dodd Atari-Mods.jpg 397,293 KB
Dodd Atari-Mods2.jpg 516,664 KB
Gesswein Calcomp-563 plotter.j
Gesswein Chain-Printer.jpg 315,889 KB
Gesswein PDP8e.jpg
Gesswein Tektronix 4014.jpg
Hill C-64.jpg 444,118 KB
Hill PET 2001.png
Holley SWTPC-1.jpg
Holley SWTPC-2.jpg 248,385 KB
Holley SWTPC-3.jpg
Hornberger desk drivebay.jpg 379,310 KB
Hornberger Docs-Ephemera.jpg 219,213 KB
Hornberger TRS80M1.jpg
Hornberger TRS80M1 exhibit.jpg 259,918 KB
Karrer MacPortable.jpg
Karrer 327,515 KB
Lange Atari-speech.jpg 442,586 KB
Loewen Sage pic1.jpg 531,339 KB
Loewen Sage pic2.jpg
Loewen Sage pic3.jpg 554,942 KB
Loewen Sage pic4.jpg 544,724 KB
Loewen seated.jpg
Marsin-Mazzoleni Excelvision E
Marsin-Mazzoleni exhibit-right 403,856 KB
Marsin-Mazzoleni Thompson MO5. 571,293 KB
Marsin-Mazzoleni Thompson TO8. 377,442 KB
Marsin-Mazzoleni Thompson TO9. 390,256 KB
Perera Enigma.JPG
Perera Enigma kybd-closeup.jpg
Perera Enigma kybd.jpg 672,403 KB
Perera Enigma wreck.JPG
Perera Hagelin M-209.jpg 520,863 KB
Perera Russian M-125 Fialka Ci 520,329 KB
Perera Swiss NEMA.jpg
Perera TTY device.jpg
Perkins Apple Lisa 210.jpg
Perkins IBM 5155.jpg
Perkins replica-SCO-DIsks.jpg 260,799 KB
Perkins Xenix-on-Lisa exhibit. 243,715 KB
Rosen-Bergeron MAC-Museum Exhi 320,637 KB
Rosen-Bergeron MAC-Museum Exhi 276,358 KB
Rosen-Bergeron MAC-Museum Exhi 395,195 KB
Roswell 2-Bit-Binary-Adder.jpg
Roswell DEC Computer-Lab.jpg 374,593 KB
Roswell Exhibit 1.jpg 350,660 KB
Roswell Exhibit 2.jpg 442,286 KB
Roswell ICS portable-trainer.j
Roswell Multiputer.jpg 297,118 KB
Roswell Think-a-Tron.jpg 485,205 KB
Salzman C64-Assembly 1.jpg
Salzman C64-Assembly 2.jpg 391,216 KB
SID Chiptune Synth 1.png 4,683,195 KB
Stramaglia Tandy-cocos-2.jpg 389,275 KB
Stramaglia Tandy-cocos.jpg 439,169 KB
Stuart Forth-exhibit.jpg
Taylor DEC-terminals.jpg 384,303 KB
Taylor MicroVAX-II PDP1153.jpg
Taylor VT-510.jpg 237,597 KB
TRanSistors 1.jpg 424,381 KB
TRanSistors 2.jpg 375,796 KB
TRanSistors 3.jpg
TRanSistors 4.jpg
TRanSistors 5.jpg 468,095 KB
TRanSistors 6.jpg 490,846 KB
Willegal SCELBI-8B-Reproductio 492,749 KB
Willegal SCELBI-8B-Star-Shoote


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