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Commodore 2040 Drive Repairs

by billdeg
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Commodore CBM 2040 Disk Drive
Turned my attention to a dead CBM 2040 drive. Totally dead, no power. First thing I checked was the fuse, but it was ok. Next I checked the voltages coming into the transformer, nothing. Click image for larger view.
Commodore CBM 2040 Disk Drive
Found the problem. The person who serviced this drive whatever years ago attached one of the power switch wires to the outer post of the fuse holder, but did not make sure that there was an actual connection to the fuse itself. Almost looks like a homebrew cigar ring or something. Click image for larger view.
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1966-68 Honeywell u-COMP DDP-516 Console

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Datamation Nov 1966 ] 11/16/2019
Photo of a Honeywell u-COMP DDP-516 control console. The orange color scheme was used in the 1966~68 u-COMP models, see early advertisements. Many people know of the "kitchen computer", the 516 is the same thing, same instruction set as the DDP-316 (H316). If the 316 is the Kitchen Computer, the 516 is the "business" model. This console would sit on the operator's desk, or on top of the computer cabinet, which stood about 4 feet tall (need to check that). The operator would use the console buttons and switches as one would use a front panel. There is also a blue cover version of this consol">... [ read more ]

Computer Magic?

by billdeg
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Cover of The LINKING RING vol 51, No. 8 August, 1971.
Computer Magic?
"... No, it's a well know face that has been precisely blurred by a computer. It's part of an experiement by Leon D. Harmon at Bell Laboratories to learn the least amount of visual information a picture may contain and still be recognizable. .." - The LINKING RING vol 51, NO. 8 August, 1971.">... [ read more ]

CBM 2001-16B (PET)

by billdeg
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Commodore PET 2001-16B upgraded with 16K more RAM and a SM-KIT programmer's productivity kit ROM. Donation to Kennett Classic by Alan Walter. Click image for larger view.
Not CBM-branded but this is the Livermore Labs Star 488 IEEE Modem and software that was OEM'd as the CBM 8010 IEEE modem. Click image for larger view.
A nice copy of PET Microchess. Click image for larger view.
Click for more photos NEXT:">... [ read more ]

Relay Moe Plays Tic Tac Toe 1956

by billdeg
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Relay Moe is an early electronic game programmed to play Tic Tac Toe, 1956, article by computing pioneer Edmund C. Berkeley
A scan of one of the Radio Electronics magazine covers on site at Kennett Classic in Kennett Square, PA.">... [ read more ]

setting reply-to VMS Mail with MULTINET

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Permanently set MULTINET_SMTP_REPLY_TO ] 10/03/2019
Introduction to VAX/VMS Manual Cover
Cover of the Introduction to VAX/VMS Manual 1987
Peter Coughlin writes: "... Specifying the REPLY_TO Header The MULTINET_SMTP_REPLY_TO logical name lets you specify the value for the RFC822 REPLY-TO: header. For example to set your Reply-To: header to FNORD@FLOWERS.COM, use the command: $ DEFINE MULTINET_SMTP_REPLY_TO "FNORD@FLOWERS.COM" This logical name only affects mail agents that use the SMTP% interface (for example OpenVMS and DECWindows mail). Endquote. In case it is not clear, you should define this logical name in DCL before you run VMS MAIL and it will then apply when you send mail to an address prefixed by SMTP%. I will add that you could probably use DEFINE /SYSTEM if you want this to apply to all users on the system or you coul">... [ read more ]

1966 GE/Pac 4000 Small Process Computer

by billdeg
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The General ELectric Process Automation Computer - GE/Pac 4000. Click image for larger view.
Download Product Brochure">... [ read more ]

PDP 11/40 M7234 TIMING CPU Card Fail

by billdeg
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PDP 11/40 TIMING module DEC 5380 SN20628N 2-input NOR removed
Closeup of a PDP 11/40 TIMING controller card, M7234 where a Dual NOR DEC 5380 SN20628N 2-input NOR chip has been removed. It caught fire. A replacement chip was pulled from donor M7234 and the card appears to be working correctly again. Click image for larger view.
Full disclosure - I accidentally plugged the M7234 into the wrong UNIBUS CPU backplane slot, ug. Too much juice to the chip fried it. Using three sets of 11/40 CPU controller cards I had been swapping cards around in the effort to get an EIS CPU card (M7238) running. The EIS is necessary to boot UNIX but I have been unsuccessful in finding a working set of">... [ read more ]

Iowa State 1957 IBM 650, Cyclone 1

by billdeg
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Iowa State College Progress report No 1
Iowa State rented an IBM 650 and went live in February 1957. The implementation team published a report on their progress, lead by T. A. Bancroft Director, Statistical Laboratory; Chairman, Working Committee for the Improvement of Computational Facilities at Iowa State College
"...After much careful study, an interdepartmental "Working Committee for Improvement of Computational Facilities at Iowa State College" recomĀ­mended, early in 1956, both the rental of an IBM 650 at a 60% educational discount and the construction of a digital computer for which the llliac at the University of Illinois would serve as prototype. The IBM 650 was inĀ­stalled on February 7, 1957 and has now been in continuous service for over two years. Construction of the Cyclone, ISC'">... [ read more ]

Cromemco System Three Revisited

by billdeg
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Cromemco System 3 Three Disk Drive Interface Controller
Pictured is the drive signal/power interface board installed in the chassis of the Cromemco System Three. This board is used to route power to the Persci 299 twin 8" drives, and I believe the drive controller signals. Visually inspect the board. Can you guess what's wrong with this picture? Click image for larger view.
Cromemco System 3 Three Disk Drive Interface Controller 2000uf cap
This photo does a better job to display the problem, the 2000uf 50v cap has blown">... [ read more ]

PDP-11 Still Going Strong

by billdeg
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DEC PROFESSIONAL Letter to Editor PDP-11 Still Going Strong
From the Letters section of an un-dated clipping, DEC PROFESSIONAL magazine Spring House, PA. Click image to download PDF
This short letter offers an interesting perspective of the DEC Professional in the late 1980's. Being that many DEC machines are still functional today it would be very believable that a person would choose to continue to use their UNIBUS system, especially an 11/44 into the 1990's. If I was to guess I'd say this letter was published in early 1987.">... [ read more ]

1970 NRI Digital Computer Model 832

by billdeg
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Radio Electronics December 1970 National Radio Institute ( NRI ) Digital Computer Model 832 advertisement
Radio Electronics December 1970 National Radio Institute's ( NRI ) full-page advertisement for their Model 832 digital computer trainer. The ad appeared in electronics magazines through 1972. Click image for larger view.
1971 NRI Digital Computer Model 832
The 1970 NRI Digital Computer Model 832 was a trainer kit that was developed in 1970 and sold for $504 US when first introduced. It pre-dates the similar Kenbak computer by many months. Click image for larger view.
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Vintage Computer Festival East 2019

by billdeg
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This humble author's biased pick for best in show, the LNW80 / Lobo Max80 exhibit with spokesmodel, Karen. Click image for more exhibit photos.
Fun event highlighted by Saturday keynote presenters Unix co-inventor Ken Thompson interviewed on stage by Brian Kernighan and Sunday keynote by Atari/Amiga engineer Joe Decuir. ">... [ read more ]

LNW80 Microcomputer Restoration

by billdeg
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LNW 80 Microcomputer
The LNW80 computer is a Radio Shack TRS 80 Model 1 clone, more or less. The BASIC is different and the memory map is different. Any programs that rely on either of these things will not operate properly, but DOS PLUS and NEW DOS for the Model I is easily adapted for the LNW80. The photo above displays the opening panel of the Modular Software Associates LNW BASIC Demo. LNW BASIC has commands that employ the LNW80's color display capabilities. Click image for larger view.
LNW 80
With the chassis cover removed, this image reveals a twin control board configuration. On top is the System Ex">... [ read more ]

CDC 6600 Cordwood Logic Modules

by billdeg
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CDC 6600 cordwood logic moudle
Pictured are Control Data Corporation 6600 modules. The sandwich-shaped device on the left is called a "cordwood logic module". Each of these contain 64 silicon transistors. The board to the right has the same bus/pin configuration and is likely also from a 6600 or an early "Cyber series" computer, a system based on the 6600. Click image for larger view.
The The Control Data 6600 was considered by many to be the first super computer. More photos">... [ read more ]
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