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Processor Technologies VDM-1

by billdeg
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I have been accumulating these display cards because I have found them easy to use with CUTER for testing memory, etc. Testing Results: 3 working 1 sends "crazy" display of characters to screen 1 burned out IC c8.">... [ read more ]

Micropolis Disk Drives and IMSAI 8080

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Micropolis 1015 IV ] 04/15/2008
Summary of recent testing Pics 1) IMSAI with 16K continuous RAM from page 0 (0000H) Cutter Installed on C000. - OK 1.5) I have a bunch of 16 hard sector disks with various labels including a Micropolis BASIC 2.0 MOD 1 Master Diskette of unknown operational status. I do not know if these are operational disks. 2) Micropolis bootstrap loaded into F400 as indicated by manual 3) Pre-load drive behavior is as expected. Cable is attached as indicated in manual 4) Micropolis 1033 I When I execute F400 H an audible click is heard coming from drive, but no OS is loaded. Drive is continuously spinning. Drive does not attempt to read disk. System display "freezes/holds", and does not return to prompt without STOP/RESET/RUN. Upon RESET, the disk drive responds with another click, but drive continues to spin Same result if I swap drive 0 for">... [ read more ]

Document Update - More Docs!

by billdeg
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Partial list #2 of docs Gemini-10x/15x Users Manual 1983 [Commodore, Apple, Atari, IBM PC, Osborne 1, TRS 80 compatible printer] Biorythm A Personal Science by Bernard Gittelson Special Edition First Printing 1977 Uni-Ops Technical "Books UNIX & C" magazine Volume 4, #1 Jan 1989 Wunderbuss I/O Controller Technical Reference Manual Rev 1, 1981 (order a copy here): http://www.retro...s100bus.html Fulcrum Computer Products 1981 IMSAI Compatible Products List! General Instrument Microelectronics Product Guide 1980 Industrial Devices Inc Off the shelf Indicator Lights for all products and purposes - Non-relampable / LED / Relampable Educational Microcomputer Systems (EMS) M68K 68000 Single Board Computer Brochure Educational Microcomputer Systems (EMS)M68K MD512K Memory - Disk Controller Board Brochure Fluke 8020A Instruction Manual">... [ read more ]

Why how you store old computers matters.

by billdeg
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Today my son flooded the bathroom. He's only 4, these things happen. By chance I walked down to the basement and I heard the sound of drip drip drip on plastic coming from the computer storage room. When I entered the room I saw water raining from the ceiling onto a section of my vintage computers...AGGH! That's right, it was *raining* on my IBM PCs, XTs, a 5155, AT, motherboards, IBM clones, portables, laptops, docs, software etc... but don't worry. Everything is stored on shelves one inch off the ground in water proof covers or bags, even the boxed stuff. Result - Nothing damaged! The water bounced harmlessly off the covers to the floor and was relatively easy to clean up. (using a mop to fill a bucket of water plus about 20 rags and a roll of paper towels). I asked my son..."what lesson did you learn?" He said, "Don't leave the water running in the bathroom" I said, "No. A">... [ read more ]

IMSAI 8080 Project

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Update ] 04/06/2008
NOTES: IMSAI 8080 1-10-05 http:.../8080_number1/ These are some quick pictures for my reference, before this computer goes under the knife. I am going to work on one card at a time. The first thing I want to do is get rid of that stupid keyboard rigging. I have a replacement card and cable someplace... Currently (not shown) I can get screen output to a regular Commodore 1801, but it's not much. The disk drive was supposedly working recently, but I have not had much luck loading anything. I have some spare drives hopefully I can piece something together. About the books - These I had lying around, except the IMSAI User Manual which came with the computer. I hear that these are hard to come by. Not pictured are the manuals for all of the cards encased. More specific details to follow. Card names, part numbers, etc. -------">... [ read more ]

Apple //e in the dish washer

by billdeg
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For kicks I took the lid of a yellowed Apple //e and washed it in the dishwasher with the dishes. I left the rest of the chassis unwashed. I took before and after pics. Here is the result. Comparing the washed lid at the sloped spot where the Apple //e is printed) with the main chassis nearby, there appears to be little or no improvement/change in the yellowing stain. NOTE: Because the monitor usually sits on top of the cover, the flat part of the lid is usually less yellowed than the sloped part. Compare same views of before and after. Pics Find the larger image matching the thumbnail on the right. That's a best pic for comparison. Not much difference after dishwashing with a lemon soap. ">... [ read more ]

The 1983 Convergent Workslate Laptop

by billdeg
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Convergent Technologies, Inc. producted an early laptop called the WorkSlate in 1983. The company did not last long, very few of these were ever sold, according to sources. Pictures of the WorkSlate WK-100 laptop and WP-100 microprinter, tables, boxes, manuals">... [ read more ]

Fairchild Channel F Video Game System

by billdeg
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Recently I received Fairchild Channel F, which is the original cartridge-based game home video game system sold, pre-dating the Atari 2600. Thank you Erik Klein of There are plenty of sources on the web if you're looking for more facts about this unit, and here is a video I made: http://www.yout...v=1Da3mEWtNp4 Enjoy! (set to "Do the Hustle" ) Follow up: 1. The hockey/tennis game is not a cart, it comes built-in with the machine. 2. The controllers give you the ability to control two "players" at once on the same team, twist the paddle in play, and move the paddle to any location on the play field. 3. Audio consists of beeps and bells. 4. System attaches to a TV, channel 3 NTSC. ">... [ read more ]

C= Amiga 2000 Power sources

by traymond
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For sale: Buyer will pay the shipping costs first then the items will be shipped. 2- Amiga 2000 power sources, tested and in working condition. Give me a decent price and I will take this into consideration(not sure what they are worth). I need to box these up. -Terry Raymond ">... [ read more ]

Amiga Toaster software

by traymond
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Buyer will pay the shipping costs first, then items will be shipped. 3- boxes of Amiga Toaster software and Misc items. I have no idea what this would be worth, generous prices accepted. Also have a few Amiga mice in these boxes, 1 Optical mouse pad has square grids. Some of these mice will let you switch between Atari or Amiga modes, 2 Optical Mice, and a few Amiga standard mice. -Terry Raymond ">... [ read more ]

C= Amiga 2000 Motherboards

by traymond
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For Sale: Buyer will pay the shipping costs to me first and then the items will be shipped only: ------------------------------------- 2- Functioning Amiga 2000 Motherboards, no case, have 2 plastic bezel's. (the plastic bezels that fit onto the front of the computer case). 2- 3 1/2 Amiga floppy drives, Working condition. (DOUBLE DENSITY: mechanisms I believe). 1- Working Amiga SCSI controller card(long card), tested and in working condition. 1- None working Amiga SCSI controller card(long card), may have good chips. 1- Amiga Toaster card, Not tested, Have no way of testing, buy "as is", but known to be good. 1- Amiga Genlock, tested and in working condition. Asking $100 OBO Please make me an offer. Terry Raymond P.O. Box 173 Pavillion, WY 82523 Email: Phone: 307-856-5559 I live in Wyoming we are in the Mountain Time Zone,">... [ read more ]

New D64 Images - BBS for C-64 more

by billdeg
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I have uploaded a new batch of .D64 files, which are Commodore 64 diskette images. D64 Utilities D64 BBS and Communications">... [ read more ]

The CGRS Front Panel System

by billdeg
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Updated: [ CGRS system ] 02/23/2008
CGRS Microtech introduced their front panel 6502 single board computer interface in 1977. I have not found any articles or ads for this product yet. "..The CGRS FRONT PANEL is a direct memory access (DMS) type microcomputer control panel. It is totally hardware based microcomputer control that independently supplies static logic levels to perform various control functions and does not depend on microcomputer operation. MEMORY READ AND WRITE: The CGRS FRONT PANEL can read or write into any memory location by halting the microprocessor and directly generating the address bus and control bus signals. The address bus signals and the data information from the memory are displayed on seven-segment hexadecimal displays. Information to be loaded into memory is entered on the eight data switches in binary form and loaded into memory when a load operation is executed. SINGLE CYCLE">... [ read more ]

Altair 8800b

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Altair 8800b working ] 03/30/2005
See: http://www.vintagecomput.../8800b/orig/ 2/23/05 The photos on this page were taken by Richard Brain before shipping the unit to the USA. I have posted on the web to view from my workshop during re-assembly.">... [ read more ]

Micro Communications Corp

by billdeg
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Micro Communications Corp was the inventor of the tiny tape cartridge drive that was later used by Exatron for their Stringy Floppy. Their device was also used by California Technology International in their Model 1008-A computer. Here is an article I found from the September 1976 Dr. Dobb's Journal: PC CARD HOLDS 60 MEGABYTE REMOVABLE MAGNETIC STORAGE AT LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE Of DIGITAL CASSETTES Micro Communications Corp., 80 Bacon St., Waltham, MA 02154, (617) 899-8111, is manufacturing a tiny tape cartridge drive, small enough to be mounted on a PC board. It takes a wee, endless-loop tape cartridge that has a maximum capacity of about half a megabit. The drive will run 3"/second. the tape is capable of 2400 flux-changes / inch. Thus, usig ratio encoding involving three flux changes per bit, one can obtain 800 BPI, and 2400 baud transfer rates. That would load a 1">... [ read more ]
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