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XOR S-100-4 Computer 1982-3

by billdeg - 07/09/2007
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Last Post: [ Delta Products ] 10/27/2016
I recently purchased a XOR S-100-4 computer from Jim Battle. This weekend I took some new pictures: With very little work I was able to get this machine up and running. Jim did a great job in restoring it to working order. Product Ad from 1983... [ read more ]

Photos Miscellaneous

by billdeg - 10/17/2016
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photos infocom pen
Can you identify these? Pink Floyd Relics, InfoCom Invisible Ink Marker, Knight Radio Broadcaster and Amp. Click image for larger view.
Knight Radio Broadcaster and Amplifier
Knight Radio Broadcaster and Amplifier from early-mid 1960's.
I have had this for years, did not know it was a kit. Curious, I bought new tubes and next to try it. How far does this broadcast and on what find out.... I found... [ read more ]

NextStation Color

by billdeg - 09/22/2016
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Last Post: [ System Specs ] 10/14/2016
NextStation Color System
The NextStation Color. Photo shows system while loading NextStep. Click image for larger view.
NextStation Color City
Pictured Next's Sound Box, an I/O port station. A separate box is necessary because the color workstation display does not have internal speakers like the monochrome display. The NS Color I/O cable attaches to the back of the computer on one end and on the other end the cable is s... [ read more ]

Revolutionary Force Bombs IBM Office

by billdeg - 10/05/2016
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Revolutionary Force Bombs IBM Office ... Computerword March 18, 1970. IBM Offices Bombed in protest of the Vietnam War. Click image for PDF.
Download PDF of article... [ read more ]

Winnebego Handheld Code Scanner

by billdeg - 09/27/2016
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The Winnebego Handheld Programmable Code Scanner circa. 1998. Click image for larger view.
The Winnebego Handheld scanners were among the many other peripherals advertised in the back pages of mid-90's Byte and PC magazines. I was reading the Sept 1995 Byte and I noticed a competitor's ad did not have an Internet address1. Turns out that very few Byte advertisers encourage their customers to "check out our web site" in September 1995, business had not yet adopted web pages. I left Zeneca and started my web design company on October 9th 1995. It seemed at the time like there was a huge market for this thing called the web, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity fo... [ read more ]

Digitial MicroVAX 3100 30 System

by billdeg - 04/10/2015
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Last Post: [ Power Issues ] 09/26/2016
MicroVAX 3100 with Storage Expansion
Pictured here is a 1988 (?) Digital MicroVAX 3100 with Storage Expansion boxes. The model number of the 3100 is DV-31BT4-A-A01 which I believe makes it a 3100 model 30. The storage expansion boxes are basically external SCSI hard drives. Their model numbers are DV-31BT4-A-A01(middle) and SZ123-XA (bottom). Click image for larger view.
Show Dev command VAX output
So far I have not done much other than boot the system from the console and run a SHOW DEV command to see what the VMS/VMB assignments are. The system is runnin... [ read more ]

Odyssey 200 Ad

by billdeg - 09/22/2016
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Advertisement for the Magnavox Odyssey 200 Home Video Game. The other side / not pictured: ad for the Odyssey 100.
... [ read more ]

For-Sale / Items Wanted

by billdeg - 09/22/2016
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NOTE: date of thread = the last update date. Note there are some old specific item for-sale threads on this site. If they're not linked from here, they're probably expired/sold. FOR SALE Kilobaud (Microcomputing) Magazines - Nearly complete set - $lets make a deal Computer Products Co DEC-compatible logic boards later 70's early 80's era stuff PDP 11/44 Mostly Commodore and Tandy stuff here History of Commodore Poster Items Wanted Free Stuff? Varies. Pickup only) Contact me if you have a specific request. NEW indicated with ... [ read more ]

Realtronics Card Punch Interface

by billdeg - 09/20/2016
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Photo of an interesting interface for a card punch from late 60's early 1970's. These devices were sold by a company called RealTronics. Click image for more photos.
Cover removed. Note the large two-character Nixie tube display. Click image for more photos.
This control unit appears to be a current loop device, similar to a teletype. The RealTronics system consisted of a PDP 8i with third party hardware. I assume "Real" pertains to RealEstate, but I could only guess. ... [ read more ]

SiliconGraphics Workstations

by billdeg - 09/14/2016
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SiliconGraphics O2
Three SGI O2 workstation computers. Note the variation in the labels. The left-most unit is driving the display image, Doom for SGI within the IRIX 6.5 operating system. Click image for more photos of this system.
SiliconGraphics Octane
The SGI Octane is often referred to as the O2's big brother. It has the same rounded footprint, but it's about 40% larger and more powerful. This system boots, but I am missing a hard drive sled. Click image for more photos of this system.
SiliconGraphics Indy
Pictured... [ read more ]


by billdeg - 04/05/2013
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Last Post: [ Operator Manual Clues ] 08/26/2016
The 1975 RCA COSMAC Microkit. This is the first commercial microcomputer from RCA to contain the two-chip COSMAC microprocessor (TC 1084 / TC 1085 version). The processor was developed in New Jersey, but the kit itself came out of the RCA Palm Beach Division. Click image for larger view.
RCA COSMAC 3901822
Note the TC 1085 chip on the processor card, which is the earlier name for the CDP 1801 and has a silk screen date of late 1974. Click image for larger view.
Compare the above processor c... [ read more ]

1968 CDC List of System Installations

by billdeg - 08/20/2016
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2 Full-sized rack enclosures for a circa 1965 Control Data Corporation Model 160-A Computer. CDC 160-A Control Console Click image for larger view.
The iconic twin displays of the Control Data Corporation Model 6600 Computer (Cyber 70) control console. View of CDC 6600 Racks Click image for larger view.
After my trip to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California I was inspired to look through my archives to see what info I had about th... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Festival West 2016

by billdeg - 08/09/2016
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I still need to finish editing the files' names (confirm what each thing actually was), create thumbnails and a post comments, feel free to take a look at the raw footage from VCF West and the CHM Exhibit Photos Computer History Museum Collection Marc W. published from the show, with his commentary: [ read more ]

VCFed Workshop Photos

by billdeg - 06/13/2016
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Last Post: [ Univac Status Update ] 07/28/2016
The UNIVAC 1532 is probably from 1965-66 and was part of a UNIVAC 1219 (II) system. The 1532 has a Teletype model 35 on top, with a hood a control panel, and below a tape punch and reader unit below in a drawer. The whole thing is quite rugged. The 1532 configuration would have been installed on a US Naval ship where space was at a premium and rough seas were inevitable. Note the 1 inch 8-bit tape in the back of the drawer. Click for larger image.
VCFed Workshop Dinner at the Princess Diner
Steve,... [ read more ]


by billdeg - 07/22/2016
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Last Post: [ RT 11 v 5.3 needs 32K ] 07/23/2016
Friday night - I have simh installed on my raspberry pi, and I am using my laptop to connect via the serial port, two usb to serial cables and a null modem adapter. works well. root@raspberrypi: CD BIN root@raspberrypi: ./pdp11 sim> SET CPU 11/40 sim> SET CPU 16K etc. To make sure everything was working correctly I set up a PDP 11/05 per this page and loaded BASIC http://iamvirtual...c-11/Basic-11.htm To exist BASIC - use ctrl+E to return to the sim> prompt. Next I attempted RT-11 by following the directions here: http://gunkies....lling_RT-11_5.3_on_SIMH (Noel's site) root@raspberrypi: cd /bin root@raspberrypi: ./pdp11 sim> do inst.ini ... Overwrite last track? [N] y etc. follow directions on Noel's site to set up your PDP 11/23+ environment. Noel finishes with directions to create a run.ini that you can load and bypass the inst... [ read more ]
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