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Trenton Computer Festival 2008
  by Bill Degnan - 04/27/2008 15:26
Here are some pictures from Saturday at the Trenton Computer Festival, 2008.

The featured display of the Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists' (MARCH) exhibit was it's Digital (DEC) PDP/8 - an original "straight 8" serial number 1158. The machine, according to David Gesswein, is restorable. Donated by Claude Kagan

Also part of the PDP 8 system is a plotter (name?) and an ASR 33 teletype.

Also displayed was an IMSAI 8080, Atari 800xl, Atari 2600, Apple //e, Commodore PET 2001-8, Intel MCBS-10 control module, Amiga 500, and Amiga 3000.

Pictures from TCF 2008