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Heathkit H-19 Restoration


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  Heathkit H-19 Restoration by Bill Degnan - 06/20/2009 01:37
Thank you for Herb Johnson who helped troubleshoot and advise repair strategy

I bought an H-19 terminal a while back for parts. The previous owner had started converting this computer into a sort of H-89, with power for disk drives and a cassette port. She/He did not get very far.

Voltage regulators on the display control board - OK

Power supply controller - bad 12-volt regulator (103). Not needed if we're just reverting to a H-19, but might as well fix if ever in the future someone wants to upgrade this to an H-89 with drives. UA78H12S0

Adjusted the yoke to align the display

Serial port is marked "330-337", near the brightness knob.

Now it works great, using now for testing systems.



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