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MITS Altair Disk 88-DCDD rev 1

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Restoration complete ] 09/25/2013
The MITS Altair Disk model 88-DCDD is a single 8" disk drive. Click image for larger view.
I finally found a source to purchase working disks. Now the long journey to making a bootable system begins. In addition to the drive, I have the dual-controller cards labeled MITS Disk BD 1 Rev 0-X3 and MITS DISK#2 REV 0-X2. more pics NEXT: Clean the drive, get a boot loader PROM and install in my turnkey system, which I believe is the best candidate for this drive.">... [ read more ]

MITS 88-DCDD Drive Variations

by billdeg
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The MITS Altair 88-DCDD single 8" disk drive variations. Both drives have revisions (920030 or 920060) of the same Pertec FD400 8 inch drives. The disk buffer cards vary but most likely these are just revision improvements. Click image for larger view.
Altair 88-DCDD "rev0" Photos Altair 88-DCDD "rev1" Photos">... [ read more ]

MITS altair 1977 Brochure

by billdeg
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MITS Altair 8800b turnkey system with drives in desk
A scan from the MITS altair 1977 catalog. Pictured here is an early version of what was eventually called the MITS 300/25 after the company was acquired by Pertec. This Altair 8800b turnkey with twin drives, MITS Lear Siegler terminal, and printer was the first complete MITS computer station intended for the small business market. Click image for larger view.
MITS 1977 Brochure">... [ read more ]

Ohio Scientific ROM Info

by Bill_3
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OSI had roms for both 6502 and 6800 chips for the 400 cpu card. 65A is 6502 serial monitor rom. 65F3 is 6502 floppy disk/hard disk support rom. The assembly listing for the 65F3 is in PEEK Volume 5 Number 1 It also gives the descriptions of the various OSI roms. The OSI small systems journal volume 2 number 2 page 6 also gives some rom application data. ">... [ read more ]

CBM B128-80 Serial Bus

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Fast Bus Update ] 08/12/2013
CBM B128-80 with Fast Bus cartridge
CBM B128-80 with Fast Bus installed to allow a person to switch from a serial-type disk driveand an IEEE drive. In this case I am switching between a CBM 8050 IEEE-type drive, and a VIC 1541 serial drive (on top of the monitor). Click for larger view.
A closeup of the two required components of a Commodore B Series "Fast Bus" system. On top of the B-128 is the Serial Bus Interface converter box. This is the device that switches betweem serial and IEEE drives. A RAM expansion cart">... [ read more ]

CBM B Series Demo Video

by billdeg
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Anderson Engineering Fast Bus system with Mike N's 24K RAM cart.
Youtube video demonstrating the B 128 computer and use of the Fast Bus to access both IEEE and serial drives. Also a quick SID chip demo.">... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Model II - restoration project

by billdeg
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Updated: [ TRS 80 Model II Update ] 08/07/2013
I had not used my model II for three years, and with this thread in mind I set up the old beast for a routine test. I try not to let any working system go too long before I re-run for a few hours to refresh the electronics. Anyway...I must have waited too long, she does not boot any more. The system powers up,but will not attempt to read the disk drive and there's nothing sent to the CRT. So far I have done little other than open the system and quickly inspect it. The CRT tube fires up (strong glow), so I assume that the issue lies with one of the four system cards (there is no motherboard). I have not done any further testing. If I have an update I'll post it.">... [ read more ]

MARCH Workshop Photos Summer 2013

by billdeg
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Photos of the Mark 8 Minicomputer card edges. Click for larger view
Mark 8 testing video: http://www.youtu...h?v=yv3ZmvKFGLI href="/pictures/2013/SummerMARCH/OSI_Challenger-II.jpg">
Ohio Scientific Challenger II set up. Click for larger view
This was another fun event. Not so much a workshop as a working get-together event. Evan brought a truckload of vintage computers and items for sale, which kept us distracted for three or four hours inspecting and buying items whose proceeds went to the widow of the original collector. Included for sale was two or so dozen">... [ read more ]

Texas Instruments 99/4a with PHP1200

by billdeg
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The Texas Instruments TI 99/4a computer. This system is attached to a Magnavox Professional display.
TI 99/4a with Peripheral Expansion System and GE Display
A nicely provisioned TI 99/4a with Peripheral Expansion System (model PHP 1200). The PHP1200 could accept a number controller cards including a disk controller, RAM, serial and parallel ports, etc. The system pictured above is configured with three drives, serial card for modem communications, and an extra 32K RAM. An insulated cable connects the back of the PHP1200 to a side cart part connector. Click image for larger view.
... [ read more ]

PDP 8 Focal

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Focal Lunar Lander ] 07/15/2013
Digital Equipment Corporation came up with FOCAL to help teach programming. It's different than BASIC and the structure of the coding is different. Below is a dump of a PDP 8 session I ran to illustrate some code examples in FOCAL. The commands are in bold, to differentiate from the screen output. The program samples do not all work correctly. It will now be easier to edit and diagnose using a modern PC. ----------------------- FIELD SERVICE PDP-8 DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM . . . VERSION 8.03 OS/8 V3D DECX8 REV. D RESTART ADDRESS =07600 TYPE C TO ABORT THIS PRINTOUT TYPE: .R PROGNAME - TO RUN A SYSTEM PROGRAM .R PROGNAME.DG - TO RUN A DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM .HELP FILENAME - TO TYPE A HELP FILE ON THE TERMINAL .HELP FILENAME - L - TO LIST A HELP FILE ON THE LINE PRINTER .SU BOOK - TO PRINT A COPY OF THE DIAG. HELP FILES "FILENAME" / "PROGNAME"">... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Model 4 Engineering Sample

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Tandy 3 chassis ] 07/12/2013
TRS 80 Model 4 "engineering sample" submitted for FCC approval. Unit contains a number of non-standard components and a non-standard keyboard.
I was lucky enough to be given the an engineering sample TRS 80 Model 4 submitted for FCC approval. The engineer was Roy Soltoff. Roy also gave me a lot of notes, and the blue prints. There is no s/n. See pics">... [ read more ]

Nintendo Family Computer

by billdeg
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The Nintendo Family Computer "FamiCom" console game system.
This thread will be updated soon. Photos">... [ read more ]

MP-S Connector for SWTPc 6800

by billdeg
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Molex connector SWTPc MP-S for RS232
Close up view of the correct wiring for an SWTPc MP-S serial card set for RS232 communications. Click image for larger view.
Note Molex pins 2 and 3 are jumpered together, and so are pins 7 and 10. The bottom of pin 4 has been snipped off to ensure correct insertion into the MP-S card. Wiring for pins 1,5,6 is mapped below. Note also the colors of the wires. Connector from SWTPc MP-S to RS232 adapter
Closeup of the wires coming from the MP-S connector to an RS232 jack. Click image for larger view.
MP-S Pin RS232 Pin 1 ........ 7 2 ........ - 3">... [ read more ]

SWTPc MP-09 6809 Processor Card

by billdeg
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SWTPc MP-09 processor card upgrade for the 6800 computer. Click for larger view
Recently I put an extra SWTPc 6800 with MP-09 processor card, MP-S serial card, and Smoke Signal Broadcasting M-16-X 16K RAM card on Ebay. Assuming the system sells, at least I will have the photos of this system. I learned a lot of about the differences between the 6800 and 6809, and the modifications necessary to the MP-B motherboard, etc. RAM cards from a 6800 usually need to be altered to work in an 6809-upgraded system. The Smoke Signal Broadcasting card appears to be at least partially compatible with no modifications, as compared to the older MP RAM from the original SWTPc 6800.">... [ read more ]

Apple IIe Platinum

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Apple IIe A2S2128 ] 06/19/2013
In 1987 the Apple IIe was revised. This system works but has some broken keys on the numeric keypad.
This particular unit contains an Echo IIb sound card and external speaker with volume control. More Pics">... [ read more ]
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