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SuperPET ComboBoard Revisions


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  SuperPET ComboBoard Revisions by Bill Degnan - 11/05/2014 22:17
I have a SuperPET ComboBoard with a bad 970018-12 (slot U47)...I assume there is no source for the original ROMS...From what I found on the web, this is just a 2764. I will try to make a copy of the one good ROM.

I found this site
SuperPET Waterloo $A and $B (U47) A000 - BFFF

Anyway, soon I will see how it goes to make a replacement ROM from scratch.

Regarding the two spare Combo boards I have on hand; one is an original Combo board, and one a "Rev D". Both boards are good other than the one bad ROM that I have to share between the two.

I did not realize there was more than one rev of the SuperPet Combo board. The big difference is that J2 (the switch port) is in a different position. U47 is socketed on the rev D board, perhaps it was already replaced once before. If so, this is another indication that something caused the ROM to go bad and I need to track down the problem. The ROMs on the boards are the same part numbers however.

The Combo board I have in my SuperPet is an original rev. I do not have a two-board SuperPet.

J2 position orig vs. Rev D

Orig and Rev D side by side

Orig ROMs

Rev D ROMs

  SuperPet U47 - not a 2764 by Bill Degnan - 11/09/2014 08:13
As far as I can tell, the ROM in slot U47 of the SuperPet Combo board is NOT a 2764. The ROM is 24 pins, 2764 is 28. Tried to read anyway, came up all FF FF's. this page wrong? (see U47):



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