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Using CBM 4040 and SuperPET in 6809 Mode


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  Using CBM 4040 and SuperPET in 6809 Mode by Bill Degnan - 10/31/2014 10:27
CBM SuperPET Switch Settings for 6809 Mode
This is a view of the CBM SuperPET switch settings for 6809 mode. In this position one can run the Waterloo development languages including Pascal, COBOL, Fortran, BASIC, and Assembler. Click image for larger view.

The topic of conversation came up as to whether one could run the SuperPET Waterloo software from a 4040 drive. Being that the 4040 is the IEEE dual-drive equivalent of the 1541 drive, it would then be possible copy the disk as a D64 for easier transport and poss use on an actual serial drive with an adapter.

CBM 256-80 B Series
First I set up a CBM 256-80 with 8050 and 4040 in the IEEE chain. I left the 4040 turned off. I used BASIC commands to assign the 8050 as drive 9. Next I turned on the 4040 knowing by default it would be assigned drive 8 by the system. I used Liz Deal's adaptation of Jim Butterfield's COPY-ALL program (version 4) for the B Series to move the SEQ files and what PRG files would fit from the 8050 to the smaller-capacity 4040. The SEQ files are required. The SEQ files have double quote marks in the file name making regular DOS commands difficult to use without syntax errors. I made a second disk with the remaining language interpreter PRG files plus the SEQ files (again) so that disk too would "boot". Click image for larger view.

CBM SuperPET with 4040 Drive
I moved the CBM 256-80 out and replaced with a CBM SuperPET. In this photo only the 4040 is connected. Click image for larger view.

CBM SuperPET Waterloo BASIC boot screen
With the newly created disk in drive 1 of the 4040 I booted the CBM SuperPET system and activated Waterloo BASIC. Here is the boot screen. Click image for larger view.

CBM SuperPET running Waterloo BASIC program
View of the CBM SuperPET running a Waterloo BASIC program. Click image for larger view.



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