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Magnavox Mystery - Binary Counter?

Can you identify this unit?

Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can identify this device. As you can see there is a light display on the cover which indicates a binary progression from 1 (20) to 32768 (215)

Is this a home brew binary counter of some sort? When was it manufactured? Click here to enter your comments.

Blinking Lights?

Housed in a box with "Magnavox" on the lower front corner and measuring 12" x 5" x 5" (30.48cm x 12.7cm x 12.7cm), this tightly packed assemlage of components performed a function I cannot identify. The most interesting thing about this unit is the set of front panel lights, numbering 1 through 32768, the first 16 powers of 2, if you count 20. On the underside of the box is the ID label, but I cannot quite read the handwriting. On the back are two RCA jacks, a reset button (?), and an AC power cord.

ID Label: Pasted on the bottom of the box. What does this say? Click Image for larger version.
Click Here for blown-up version

Cover Removed: Click Image for larger version.

Rear View: Note the two RCA jacks, reset (?) button, and AC power cord. Click Image for larger version.

Top View (Lights pointing up) Components: Click Image for larger version.

Front View Components: Click Image for larger version.

Rear View Components: Click Image for larger version.

Rear View, Right Components: Click Image for larger version.

Rear View, Left Components: Click Image for larger version.

Front View, Right Components: Click Image for larger version.

On the Work Bench - Jan 2007

These are some of the computers and things that I am currently working on, or have recently picked up. Check my Vintage Computer Blog for updates, or post your questions.

Dbase II on Commodore BX700

Click Image for larger version
I have a prototype Commodore BX700 with a 8088 co-processor card. For the first time I was able to load Dbase II on this system. View Blog.

California Technology International
A California Technology International 1108-A with built-in Exatron Stringy Floppy drive. I opened the unit, and the system is full of Z80 family chips and associated IC's, which I expected, because of the stringy floppy. The keyboard keys all appear to work. I did the standard re-seating of chips, etc, but I have not spent too much time on the system. There appears to be some kind of internal floppy or cassette port. Other than the stringy floppy drive, there are no other external ports. The system is from 1979. View Blog.

Xerox 820 II CP/M disks available
I just successfully created two boot disks for a Xerox 820 II. CP/M 2.2C. I have tested the process, works. Contact me if you're attempting to restore a Xerox system and need a boot disk. Copies are for restorative purposes only, only where permitted by law, educational use only, and so on. I have an extra manual as well, for a fair $$. I will put up pics of the system when I have the chance. View Blog.

AT&T 7300 / 3b1 with a DOS co-processor
Just got an AT& T 7300 / 3b1 with a DOS co-processor card. I have a new set of DOS-73 system diskettes AT&T UNIX PC Model 7300 ver 1.00, and a DOS-73 diagnostic. Matching manuals. Cleaned unit, does not power on. Fuse is OK. View Blog.

Northstar Horizon S-100 Computer

Click Image for larger version
Both disk drives work. I have many different iterations of OS boot disks including NSOS and CP/M and more. Word Star, Microstat, The Last Word, etc. Will post a complete list at some point.
More pics.

Enjoy these public domain BASIC programs for the IBM PC/XT

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