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Commodore "Coherent"


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  Commodore "Coherent" by Bill Degnan - 11/08/2007 18:41
Anyone know what happened with "Coherent"?

From Byte Feb 1984:

"Commodore Plans UNIX-Like Operating system for Z8000-Based Computer"

"Commodore announced that it will include the UNIX-like Coherent operating system in a new series of Z8000-based computers. Schedule to be formally announced in May, Commodore's new computer will be called the Next Generation and will include 256K bytes of RAM and one or two floppy-disk drives at a price the company says will be much lower than any comparable system.

All of Commodore's previous computers have been based on variations of the 6502 microprocessor developed by Commodore's MOS Technology division. Commodore has a license to manufacture Zilog's Z8000 processor."

  Commodore Coherent never launched by Bill Degnan - 11/08/2007 21:48
The answer:



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