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  Computer History and Restoration Links by Bill Degnan - 02/29/2024 06:53
The thread date indicated last update.

Suggest a site here.

Bitsavers Software and Document Archive

Retroarchive Multi-Platform rTTY Art Repository Datastore:
Manuals and system docs galore.

Dave Dunfield's Site -
vintage computer newbies should start here, disk archiving info here

Glitchworks FDC Results Registry - Drive controllers for imaging disks

Bryan's Old Computers Document Archive

The Homebrew Computer Club Newsletters

Every Computer That Ever Was (list)

This Day in Tech History

Samuel S Snyder's 1964 "History of NSA General-Purpose Electronic Digital Computers"

Personal Computer Milestones - Fun page that attempts to answer the question: "What was the first PC?"

EarlyComputers: An Eclectic Collection of Personal Computers, featuring a variety of rare analog computers

Eastern Bloc Vintage Computing

Russian Vintage Laptop Museum (mostly Western laptops)

Home Computer Museum - Germany
Large (very large) collection of "keyboard is the computer" era machines (primarily 1979-87)

Vintage Computer Federation (formerly MARCH)
I am a Member of this Vintage Computing Club in NJ USA:

Classic CMP Mailing List

Chicago Classic Computing (see: docs)

Floppy Days Podcast

Herb Johnson's multi-faceted site covering S-100, CP/M, disk drives/storage, vintage computing hardware research and lot more

DBIT: Source for 8" drive adapter to work on a newer drive controller

Restoration of Yellowed Plastic Computer Cases

Teletype Paper Supplies

Tape Drive and Tape Recovery Article:

Vintage Hard Drive and related hardware specs, cylinders, tracks, etc

Oscilloscopes -

M. Farris & Associates support for storage devices

Percom Tribute Web Site

Floppy Drive FAQ for Tandy and related

Tandy MFM Hard Disk Drive Reference

TRS 80 / Tandy Archive

More Tandy OS (Ira Goldklang)

Computer History Wiki (heavy on the DEC stuff)

PDP 11 UNIBUS/QBUS Field Guide
PDP 11 DD11 backplane notes
Chassis variations / power supplies

PDP 11 useful papertape files for testing

Installing UNIX on PDP-11

PDP11 Disk Images


AT&T Unix PC 7300 / 3B1 FAQ

Apple II Restoration

Ohio Scientific (OSI) resources:

S-100 Computers
A web site for S-100 bus computer owners. Lots of cards, good reference

Altair Computer Notes at Rich Cini's site -

Jim Battle's SOL website

DeRAMP is Mike Douglas' Altair, SOL, Northstar Horizon, Vector Graphics, Polymorphic, IMSAI and related systems support site.

Altair, IMSAI, Elf Emulators

Commodore Plus/4 World "..Lots of good Commodore
Plus4 stuff there, including a fairly active forum..."

TPUG's Canadian Commodore SIG

Ray Carlsen's CBM Repair FAQs

Steve Gray's Commodore PET labels page
(see also for lots more)

Gaby's Unofficial CP/M Web Site -


IBM PS/2 Reference Files/drivers
IBM PS/2 microchannel related site
9595 - Ardent Tool of Capitalism:

All Things (IBM/PC) DOS

Microsoft DOS images

WinWorld Abandonware Site for older versions of Windows

The A+
Reference Book" by Phil Croucher, which lists switch settings for hundreds of motherboards, BIOS settings, POST codes and much more.

How to Add CD ROM to MS DOS Machine

Collector's Weekly Vintage Computer Links Page



Buy a Commodore Computer Poster

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