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The Digital Group - bytemaster

by billdeg
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The Digital Group ("the digital group") /bytemaster/ model computer - a portable? Short of a handle and a latch to hold the keyboard in place, and this computer is a portable. In the least this computer is an important system be aware of in the early one of the earliest portables.">... [ read more ]

Apple II / Biorhythm 2008

by billdeg
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Today I finished the alpha version an AppleSoft BASIC program for calculating a person's Biorhythm. There is no MOD function in AppleSoft (floating point) BASIC, and variables can only be one letter. I had to write a routine to calculate leap years without being able to call a MOD function, and my method is to compare the integer value of the quotient with the original quotient. I am not sure if it will work. I want to be able to plug any date from 1752 to 5000 AD to get a result. I also used a lot of arrays to get around the limit to the number of available simultaneous variables. There is a MOD function in the earlier Wosniak Interger BASIC, but its other limitations outweighed it's use. I do plan to have at least one Apple Integer BASIC demo program available as well, for authenticity-sake. Pictures of the Apple II setup coming soon.">... [ read more ]

Basics for Using Northstart Horizon DOS

by billdeg
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This is a copy of an email I sent to a fellow collector, regarding what to do at the plus prompt ( + ) upon successful boot of a Nortstar Horizon computer, using Northstar DOS. Here is my answer: I assume you have two working drives, if not stop and contact me. I am not sure how much you know about the N*, they're sometimes cryptic to follow. See if you can find a copy of the North Start System Software Manual. + means from the N* DOS prompt > means from the N* monitor (I assume you know what a monitor is) if you find yourself at this prompt the command OS will return you to N* DOS. drive 1 = left drive drive 2 = right drive +GO CD [enter] (follow the prompts) +GO CF[enter] (follow the prompts) CD means copy diskette CF means copy file +GO CF ABC ABC1 (copy the file ABC to ABC1) +LI 1 [enter] (what's on the left drive?) +LI 2 [enter] (what's on the right drive?) ">... [ read more ]

Interfacing an SWTPc 6800 using MP-S

by billdeg
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Updated: [ current configuration of your SWTPC ] 08/12/2008
Bob Grieb and Dan Roganti came by for some vintage hardware hacking, and we decided to try and interface an SWTPc 6800 with a Teletype model ASR 33. The SWTPc has an MP-S card installed. To start, the system was set to connect to a 300-baud terminal and it worked just fine. Why not take apart something perfectly good and *downgrade* the speed? First take a look at the same MP-S card first wired for a terminal, and second for a TTY:
SWTPc MP-S wired for a display terminal running at 300 baud. Note the baud jumpers at the bottom of this picture.
Compare with the next two pictures depicting the same card with the addition of a second cable connected to a teletype:
SWTPc MP-S "bottom view" with R1 shorted">... [ read more ]

AT&T 6300 Restoration

by billdeg
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Updated: [ SW3 #1 to control hard drive ] 08/10/2008
Cobbled together a system from spare parts, but it's 100% AT&T stock for the 6300. I had trouble with the display for a while, but it revived itself. The system came to me with generic DOS 4.01. Decision time If my goal is to return the system to its original state which OS should I install given the following....? [a] The manual states that DOS 3.1 was shipped with the system. [b] The original AT&T 3.1 boot disk is missing. I only have the 2nd (supplemental/operating) diskette. [c] What I do have: AT&T 3.3 or MS DOS 3.1 DECISION I decided to go with AT&T 3.3, because manufacturer trumps version IMHO ________________________ Two more interesting things. [1] When the system boots, the system runs Resident Diagnostics Rev. 1.21 ... at C800:0000
At&T 6300 boot screen when optional ROM">... [ read more ]

How to clean yellowed plastic

by billdeg
Total messages in this thread: 1 Sounds too good to be true, but I plan to test this ... stand by.">... [ read more ]

Sock Puppet Interview at Last HOPE

by billdeg
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"..Here's the video us sock puppets shot at the Last HOPE convention... .." http://www.youtub...tch?v=rw-LCwLAm0o If you watch the whole thing, you'll see where I am interviewed about vintage computers, specifically the Osborne 1 MARCH was displaying.">... [ read more ]

SWTPc 6800 and ASR 33 Video

by billdeg
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Thanks to Bob Grieb and Dan Roganti ... This video depicts me using an ASR 33 teletype as a terminal with an SWTPc 6800 computer. The RAM cards are jumper'ed (at present) to 0000 -- 0FFF and 7000 -- 7FFF. The processor card uses some of A000 --->, and the SWTBUG uses the E000 --> page. enjoy...I will write more on the how/when/where's of this restoration project asap. ">... [ read more ]

Osborne 1 - The Last HOPE 2008

by billdeg
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I took an Osborne 1b ROM rev 1.4 to the 2600 magazine "The Last HOPE" convention on July 19th, as part of a vintage computer demo. I originally planned to exhibit an "original" version of the Osborne 1 (with the tan chassis, also model rev v. 1.4), but that one had a bad A drive. "Insert Disk in drive A and press RETURN" is as far as I could get. Prior to the event I did attempt to replace the drive. First I had to see what was going on inside of the machine. It takes about 10 minutes to completely disassemble an Osborne 1, if you have a longish phillips-head screwdriver. There are only three types of screws and clearly this machine was made for field repairs. Anyway.. once I got the system completely apart so that I could get to the disk drives I learned that the drive get">... [ read more ]

The Revolutionary Osborne 1

by billdeg
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Updated: [ More photos ] 07/20/2008
Osborne published a magazine dedicated to owners of it's new Osborne 1 portable computer. The premier issue of June/July 1982 contained on its cover 9 well-armed Afghani soldiers and one "IT guy", apparently manning their new Osborne portable. What better computer for the mobile freedom fighter than the Osborne 1 - rugged, dependable, and sturdy. Just like the Mujadeen solders that used it. The Revolutionary Osborne 1 "..Journalist David Kline recently covered the Afghanistan conflict for The Chicago Sun-Times using his Osborne 1. The July issue of Kilobaud Microcomputing contains the full story of how Kline managed to file his stories faster using his Osborne 1 and modem. Kline will be reporting on his travel experiences with the Osborne in future issues of The Portable Companion... [ read more ]

Summary of CBM PET 2001 Systems on hand

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Update ] 07/15/2008
PET 2001-8 works. tape desk works but could use maint. keybd keys work. PET 2001-16N works. new keybd. PET 2001 32B bad 4279 chip, monitor picture shrinks after 10 minutes use - when I received system the suction cup had become dislodged from picture tube. Replaced power supply. 1 and Z key does not work.">... [ read more ]

PDP 11/40 Program on YouTube

by billdeg
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Updated: [ PDP11/40 test code ] 07/13/2008
Today when I got home from work I sat down at the PDP 11/40 (in the guest room). Here is what I came up with: http://www.yout...och69Nm2F0 Basically I loaded two programs into memory using the toggle switches. I pre-loaded the following programs into memory, the video shows me running them. One is a counter from address 001000 data 005000 005200 000005 000775 by adding a command it becomes chase the lights from address 002000 data 005000 005200 006100 * 000005 000775 * = added this command The rest of the data in this section of memory is 777777 and 000000">... [ read more ]

Sage II 68000 Computer

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Sage II 68000 Computer ] 07/10/2008
Pictures of Sage II. Serial number is 68615">... [ read more ]

Altair 8800bt notes

by billdeg
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Updated: [ MITS 88-TPM Users Guide ] 06/28/2008
Original date: 1-1-05 Pictures: http:...S/8800b-t/ Purchased from a seller in Florida Altair 8800b turnkey notes. 1-1-2005 Overall condition - excellent, no dust or crud internally. - cards and cables appear in excellent shape. - did not attempt to remove cards ">... [ read more ]

NEC PC-6001A

by billdeg
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On the eve of the launch of the IBM Personal Computer in 1981, NEC also began selling computers in the USA market. The PC-6001A is the first of the NEC computer models. As part of my research into Japanese computer companies of the early 80's, the NEC PC-6001A is of special interest to me. This system was a Z80 color computer, similar to the Tandy CoCo. Pictures
Orange Keys!">... [ read more ]
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