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Semi-Virtual Diskette (SVD)


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  Semi-Virtual Diskette (SVD) by Bill Degnan - 09/12/2014 09:52
Semi-Virtual Diskette (SVD)
Version 2.4 of the Semi-Virtual Diskette (SVD) was created by a classic computing hobbyist named Eric and could be used on TRS 80 models, Apple II, TI 99/4a, and Heathkit computers to extend a modern PC serial port to emulate a diskette drive. Click image for larger view.

This particular unit had a blown power supply and 7805 voltage regulator when I got it. Fixed. A nice addition for re-creating archived diskettes to the machine in order to build new diskettes. I don't think that Eric still builds or supports this product anymore. Not sure how many were produced.

Website address for support and software:



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