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MITS Altair 8800 Power Supply

by billdeg
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Pictured is a MITS accessory box. No I do not have original MITS power supplies for sale or otherwise.
ALTAIR 8800 original power supply specifications (at the end): (From Dan Roganti [CORRECTED]) T1 transformer Output = 8VAC, 8A This is used to power the TTL logic on the cards in the backplane(+5V). It was very underpowered when many of the slots were populated with cards. T2 transformer (dual output) : This is just a strange part just so they can have a separate 8VAC power supply. This is a "nice-to-have" part but it's entirely unnecessary. Because the Front Panel can't operate without power on the CPU and the CPU can't operate without power on the Front Panel. They just had some unwarrant">... [ read more ]

Hewlett Packard 9835B

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Testing the HP 9835B ] 08/03/2012
HP Hewlett Packard 9835B
The Hewlett Packard 9835B computer. Click image for larger view.
Untested. More to come. pics ">... [ read more ]

Hope 9 - July 13-15 2012

by billdeg
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Updated: [ History of Portable Hacks Talk at HOPE 9 ] 08/01/2012
Mimeo Apple 1
The MidAtlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists exhibited single board computers and trainers at the 2012 HOPE 9 convention in NYC July 13-15. Among the systems exhibited was this replica Apple 1 computer. Click image for larger view.
HOPE 9 Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists Exhibit
Here's Jeff telling tales of computing days past to an interested booth visitor. Jeff helped man the exhibit booth for 12 hours at a time, the club owes a lot to him for sharing his knowledge and his dedication to the club. Click image for larger view.
... [ read more ]

PERQ System F Workstation Computer

by billdeg
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Three Rivers Computer PERQ System F Workstation
The PERQ System F workstation computer is I believe the first commercial workstation, if you don't include the Xerox Alto.
She's filthy and missing the keyboard but this is quite rare. pics">... [ read more ]

Tandy TRS 80 Model 16B

by billdeg
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TRS 80 Model 16B
Here is a TRS 80 Model 16B, capable of running both Model II / 12's Z80 software and Motorola 68000 XENIX.
Ran a quick test. Lit up the RIFA cap, but I noticed that the system flashed the expected request for a boot disk. Should be restorable. Keyboard status unknown. pics">... [ read more ]

Digital VT-103

by billdeg
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Digital VT 103
Digital VT-103 Terminal with dual cassette drives.
So far I have downloaded the manual, more to come. More Pics">... [ read more ]

Diagnosing Error Codes Franklin ACE

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Franklin ACE RAM - MK4315N ] 07/30/2012
The Franklin ACE 1200 computer was an Apple II clone. This system has the version 2.3 ROMs. Click image for larger view.
This is the persistent error code that appears on the screen when attempting to boot an Apple II diskette in drive 1.
NEXT: Determine what the error codes mean, and repair. I am guessing I have bad RAM, 3715 could be a RAM memory address, the other codes probably represent diagnostic values that explain the error, the pointer or stack value at the time of the error, or something like that. We'll see. Here is a link to the Apple Monitor program. The Franklin was cloned from the Appl">... [ read more ]

ADDS Regent 20

by billdeg
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ADDS Regent 20 Terminal
This is an ADDS Regent 20 terminal, the only one I have seen with no numeric keypad. This terminal can be set for current loop or RS232 operation. Click on image for larger view.
This guy needs some serious cleaning but it actually powers up and displays a prompt. More to come. Pics">... [ read more ]

ME1702a EPROM Programmer

by billdeg
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Built by a friend from the kit, I am now the proud owner of a ME1702a ePROM programmer unit. Martin Eberhard did a spectacular job on this device. I insisted on using an original 70's ZIF socket, which needed a squirt of DeoxIT, but other than that it worked perfectly the first time. Now what to program, what to program???? Next I plan to put MINOL on 7 1702a's, see how that goes.">... [ read more ]


by billdeg
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Updated: [ Log Dump from Adventure Play ] 07/18/2012
This screen shot shows the use of Digital's OS-8 to enter commands. The first command demonstrates how to load BASIC. The second command, "RUN RKB0:ADVENT", loads and runs Adventure! This and the images to follow are photos taken while running on a PDP 8/e computer using a VT 52 display. That's me in the screen reflection.
Opening credits screen of Adventure!
Adventure! is probably the most famous "interactive fiction" program (text adventure game) written for a computer. Adventure was originally written for the PDP 8 computer, I believe the PDP 8e, but I am not 100% sure about that. The whole interactive fiction genre has received a lot">... [ read more ]

Two New S-100 Boards

by monahan_z
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For those interested in S-100 Bus systems and corresponding CPM software, Andrew Lynch & I (John Monahan) have just finished constructing a second prototype of an S-100 Bus video board capable of SVAG video resolution. For those interesting in a better S-100 video display you might want to take a look at this board. It is capable of displaying a very crisp 100 characters per line display. It is based on the LAVA-10 video chip set. This is a Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA module. Please see here for more details:- http://s100...VA-10%20Board.htm We have also completed a prototype 80286 S-100 master/slave S-100 CPU board. In my system this runs with a clock speed of 12MHz. It is the next stepping stone from our earlier 8088 and 8086 CPU boards. It works with the 20 or so other S-100 boards we have done and allows one to boot CPM86 or MSDO">... [ read more ]

Lee Felsenstein Visits MARCH / Workshop

by billdeg
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Lee Felsenstein 2012 MARCH Workshop
Pioneering microcomputer advocate and engineer Lee Felsenstein paid us a visit at our most recent MARCH club event June 30 / July 1st 2012. That's me in the middle. Click image for larger view.
Members of the Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists club value these hardware restoration workshops because we can share skills and experience. We gather from all points north and south to set up ad-hoc workshop tables with our favorite tools and parts bins. Each of us bring a vintage computer or two and we work to clean and restore the systems to full functionality. We often go to the wee hours, but the time goes by fast. ... [ read more ]

Degnan Co Old Tech Exhibit

by billdeg
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This is a picture of the vintage tech we have on display at my repair shop in Wilmington.
More Pictures from 2012">... [ read more ]

A VAMP stack: VAX, Apache, MySQL & PHP

by abs
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I don't know if anyone here would be interested in this, but on the offchance I put together a page on the fun I had getting a VAXstation 4000 running up to date versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP :) http://netbsd0.blo...stack-vax.html David">... [ read more ]

IBM CP/M-86 1.0

by billdeg
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Updated: [ CP/M 86 Disks ] 06/05/2012
IBM CP/M-86 v. 1.0 boot screen. Click image for larger view.
A working IBM-branded CP/M-86 version 1.0 OS disk has found it's way to me finally. These are not easy to find. By 1982 it was too late for Digital Research to secure a foothold as the operating system of choice for IBM's new 16-bit PC model 5150, six months after Microsoft's MS-DOS was already available. MS-DOS had more features and it was cheaper. I am not sure of the actual sales figures for IBM CP/M-86, but it can't be a high number. Original copies of this operating system are very hard to find today. For more information on the subject, read the July/August 1986 Micro/Systems Journal article titled ... [ read more ]
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