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Kaypro 2000 Laptop

by billdeg
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The mid-80's Kaypro 2000 laptop was I think the only LCD laptop made by that company. Classic 80's design. This was a 8086 DOS-based system with a pop-up 3.5" drive. Click image for a few more photos.
">... [ read more ]

Friden Flexowriter

by billdeg
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A Friden Flexowriter - the interface of choice for the Digital PDP-1 computer. Click image for a few more photos.
This relic of the late 50's early 60's is bound for an exhibit at the the MARCH vintage computer "museum" in Wall, NJ">... [ read more ]

Commodore Plus/4 NTSC

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Commodore Plus/4 D64s for NTSC ] 12/03/2011
I am looking for NTSC software for the Commodore Plus/4. Not 4K stuff for the C-16. For more information about the Plus/4 follow this link, and look down the left column of the page:">... [ read more ]

A useful NTSC Commodore Plus/4?

by billdeg
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A complete Commodore Plus/4 system with CM-141 display, joystick, box/manuals, and a 10-box set of software.
When you buy a Plus/4 system from Ebay, expect the "CPU" chip, the 8501R1 (or 7501R1), to be dead. The classic symptom will be a pattern of small orange horizontal dashes on the screen, and a failure to initialize into BASIC. I was fortunate to find a source for these chips, no longer available by the way, and fix the system you see here. The next obstacle one must overcome to making your Plus/4 system useful is to find software. Most of the Plus/4 software was written for the PAL version, and very little will work on an NTSC system. I have searched extensively and collected the "best of" programs for NT">... [ read more ]

Donner 3500 manual needed

by keithgreenhalgh
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Updated: [ Thanks ] 12/02/2011
I am restoring a donner 3500 but need a manual for it. Does anyone have one? Keith in Victoria">... [ read more ]

The Evolution Of IBM Computers

by billdeg
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The Computer Age - The Evolution of IBM Computers
Self-published computer history brochure by IBM in 1976 chronicling the history of the computer from 1890 through 1976, with an emphasis on the contributions made by IBM. Click image for full-color PDF - enjoy!
Hollerith's Sensible Census Taker, 1890. Click image for larger version.
"..Late in the 19th century, Herman Hollerith, of Buffalo, New York, began to mull over the problem of speeding up the processing of information. He worked for the U.S. Census Office. It has taken 7 1/2 years to compete the census of 1880. And the 1890 census would take">... [ read more ]

IBM XT sn 4359455

by billdeg
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The IBM XT model 5160 with Color Graphic Array (CGA) monitor.
More pictures One of my favorite computer systems, this one is in beautiful shape for its age. The IBM 5160 is an excellent system to use for testing hard drives for use in other systems. Remember though, some jumper changes will be necessary.">... [ read more ]

Sharp PC-7100 Portable

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Sharp PC-7000 ] 11/07/2011
Yet another 80's portable, this time from Sharp Electronics.
The Sharp PC-7100 Portable
The blue back-lit LCD screen is still crisp, and the original DOS was 2.11.
No restoration work necessary, this system is in perfect working order, and came in the original box with original packing materials. Pictures">... [ read more ]

Compaq Portable 286

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Compaq Portable 286 ] 10/22/2011
The Compaq Portable 286 is one of the rarest Compaq portables, very few were made with "Compaq Portable 286" nameplate.
This system has a 10MB hard drive and came with Compaq DOS, the original manual, and an AST add-on card of some type. The system will overheat after a few minutes. I need to spend more time with this one to get it running properly. Photos">... [ read more ]

Greetings from MirandaSoft!

by Kuya.Marc
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Hello Everybody! I am originally known, and still known as Marcos Miranda, the founder of MirandaSoft Computer Services in Seattle, Washington, USA, in July 1992. Though I have my own blog, it really looks like I should be part of Though I can't contribute pictures, unless a USB port can be installed at the back of my head, I would like to post stories of my historical past, which is the original foundation and basis for my naturally-born Geek Life. Many, if not most of the pictures of computers posted in, are actual devices I had either operated and/or programmed, and I would like permission to use pictures from for my blog, showing the hardware that made me a geek, today. For those that don't know about me, or may have forgotten about me, here's some info to refresh those minds... I am 41 years old now. I learned abo">... [ read more ]

Retro Tech Fair on Capitol Hill

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Video From DC Vintage Tech Fair ] 10/21/2011
Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) holding a Tandy PC-5 handheld computer. IBM 5140 laptop displaying the 1986 Hacker Manifesto in the background. The new legislation is sponsored by Senators Kirk and Wyden (D-OR).
Retro Tech Fair and Press Conference On Need to Update Digital Surveillance Law: Tuesday, October 18 at 11 am The various "high tech" devices on display from and around the 1986 digital era will spotlight just how far technology has advanced since ECPA was originally passed. Devices from "brick" cell phones to full size working versions of top computer models of that era will be present for inspection. What: Senators Call for Privacy Law Update // Tech Fair When: Tuesday, Oct. 18th Time: 11 a.m. EST ">... [ read more ]

Macintosh Plus

by billdeg
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A pair of 1986 Macintosh Plus computers, both working.
">... [ read more ]

Rare White Label MITS Altair 680

by jfreek82
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Updated: [ Altair 680 sells for $2800 on Ebay ] 10/28/2011
Hi, I am selling a Rare White Labe MITS Altair 680 Computer w/ all Original Documentation plus extras. All in excellent condition. The auction is here: The computer is in great condition and there are a lot of pictures in the auction. There is no reserve. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks. -Mike ">... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Festival MW 2011

by billdeg
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A few of the exhibitors talk shop during off-hours.
Event Photos">... [ read more ]

An 8086 Monitor for an S-100 Bus system

by monahan_z
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I have been writing 8086 code for a fairly comprehensive 8086 monitor (~9000 lines of code) that with a number of new S-100 boards (an 8086 board, our IDE Board, our ZFDC board , our PIC-RTC Board and the Propeller driven Console IO board) allows one to boot MS-DOS. The goal is to have hardware and a BIOS so that standard generic MS-DOS (or FreeDOS) does not know it's not talking to a PC motherboard. This turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Most major PC software interrupts (0-20H) have to be emulated in very precise ways. Anyway delighted to say MS-DOS (V4.01) now boots up on 3.5" floppies or on a CF-Card with our IDE drive S-100 board. Thanks to this group BTW for suggesting NASM. Fantastic assembler If you have time take a look at http://s100computers...itor/8086%20Monitor.htm there are a few short videos there that show the">... [ read more ]
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