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Vintage Computer Festival East III

The Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists hosted the VCF East 3 at the Info Age Science/History Learning Center located in Wall, New Jersey USA on May 13th, 2006. This was my first VCF and everyone had a great time. For more details, visit Sellam Ismail's Vintage Computer Festival Home Page and the VCF 3 E page.

Click on Thumbnails or links for larger version images:

The AMF Educational Model 665D, exhibit by Michael Pearson

Commodore B Series Computer Lab, exhibit by Bill Degnan (not pictured)

The KIM SBC, exhibit by Jack Rubin

The National Radio Institute Digital Computer Model 832, exhibit by Michael Pearson

More pictures:
Altair32 Emulator exhibit by Rich Cini
Briel Computers AltairPC exhibit by Vince Briel
The Apollo Guidance Computer exhibit by Frank O'Brien
Atari 520ST exhibit by Andy Meyer
Atari 800XL exhibit by Andy Meyer
Cannon Cat exhibit by Andrew Molloy
1969 Core Memory Educational Computer exhibit by Michael Pearson
DEC Trainer exhibit by Michael Pearson
Early Laptops, exhibit by Evan Koblentz
The Heathkit EC1, exhibit by Michael Pearson
The Mac Mothership exhibit by Jim O'Brien
"The Old World Meets the New" exhibit by Mike Lowen
Minivac 601 exhibit by Michael Pearson
The "Warpstock" OS/2 Museum exhibit by Mark Dodel
The Tandy Timeline, exhibit by Kelly Levitt
PDP 8/A exhibit by David Gesswein
More Pictures
This is not a comprehensive listing of all exhibitors. Please visit the VCF 3 E page for a complete list of exhibits and speakers.

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SWTPC 6800 before assembly...been there?

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