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Rockwell KIM-1 Rev D Photos

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  by Bill Degnan - 08/27/2014 09:54
Rockwell KIM-1 Restoration Progress
Photo of Rockwell KIM-1 Rev D from early 1977 with bad Q1 transistor which prevents activation of the left-most LED. Click image for larger view.

Rockwell KIM-1 rev D LED panel cover closeup, Q1 failure.
Transistor Q1 has broken off, note the bare posts where Transistor Q1 should be. No biggie part on order. Rockwell put a plastic cover over the 6 individual LED displays, which is a good way to ID this as a MOS-manufactured OEM KIM-1. These boards may not have been sold bare to hobbyists. Instead they may have been sold by Rockwell to be embedded the heart of custom systems for industrial/business purposes, robots, projects, etc.. Click image for larger view.

More Photos

Here is a photo of the application connector power wiring from my Commodore KIM-1, so you can see what it looks like. Same exact thing on both KIM-1's. I soldered up a few pins that I could remove without having to disconnect the adapter or use alligator clips.



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