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TRS 80 Model III SN 0019671


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  TRS 80 Model III SN 0019671 by Bill Degnan - 09/19/2014 23:42
TRS-80 Model III Serial Number 0019671
TRS-80 Model III Model 26-1066 with Serial Number 0019671. This unit had two drives with broken drive door latches. From the view of the inside, looks like this machine had little actual use. Click image for larger view.

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Tandy replaced the early Texas Peripheral drive latches with a better mechanism, but given the drives did not test/perform well, I decided to not to waste good replacement latches on them. Instead I replaced both drives. Both are practically brand new, There is a note with the machine that says the original power supply was replaced in early 2000's.

Not sure if you can tell from my last batch of posts...I have been working through some new TRS 80 Model III hardware...this is one of my favorite vintage computers.



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