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  For-Sale / Items Wanted by Bill Degnan - 01/30/2020 22:40
NOTE: date of thread = the last update date. Note there are some old specific item for-sale threads on this site. If they're not linked from here, they're probably expired/sold.

NEC PC-6001A with cassette
RK06 Alignment Disk
RK06 Data Disks
UNIBUS Regulators (parts / not guaranteed)


We now have items for sale at Kennett Classic:

Mostly Commodore and Tandy stuff here

History of Commodore Poster

Items Wanted

Free Stuff? (Varies every day. Donations held by me and not claimed by VCfed (who has first dibs) are avail you're a VCFed member. I have tons of spare cables and adapters. Pickup only)

Contact me if you have a specific request.

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