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U.S. Commodore B Series Development Prototypes

P 500
Also known as the P 128, B 128-40, C 128-40

  • The P 500 was described in the original pre-release B Series users guide as the C128-40.
  • The P 500 was a hybrid system containing components found in the C-64 and B Systems.
  • Produced: late 1982, early 1983.
  • less than 100 were sold / distributed worldwide, no software available.
  • Considered the predecessor to both the production B Series and C-128 systems

    B 500
  • The "500" designation was the original model number for all B Series low-profile computers.
  • Only a few hundred (?) low-profile systems were sold with the "B 500" label before the line was re-named B-128.
  • The B 256 (B520) was never produced but there are two "B 520" prototype B 500 systems containing 256K factory-installed RAM are known to exist.
    B500-256 front view(pic is yellower than acutal)

    BX 700
  • The "700" designation was the original model number for all B Series hi-profile (built-in monitor) computers.
  • Blue-colored "Commodore" logo on the front top edge of the computer, differentiating U.S. B 700 system from the production "hi-profile" CBM 128-80 and European B 700)
  • Contains the 8088 co-processor and appropriate PLA chip on motherboard
  • Factory prototype: No name plate, FCC label, or serial number. Manufactured 1982.
    Sources: Chicago B128 User's Group (CBUG) v. 1,3 1985/1986, Bruce Faierson, fmr. CBUG Board, 2007

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