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SWTPc MP-09 6809 Processor Card


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  SWTPc MP-09 6809 Processor Card by Bill Degnan - 06/19/2013 16:48
SWTPc MP-09 processor card upgrade for the 6800 computer. Click for larger view

Recently I put an extra SWTPc 6800 with MP-09 processor card, MP-S serial card, and Smoke Signal Broadcasting M-16-X 16K RAM card on Ebay.

Assuming the system sells, at least I will have the photos of this system. I learned a lot of about the differences between the 6800 and 6809, and the modifications necessary to the MP-B motherboard, etc. RAM cards from a 6800 usually need to be altered to work in an 6809-upgraded system. The Smoke Signal Broadcasting card appears to be at least partially compatible with no modifications, as compared to the older MP RAM from the original SWTPc 6800.



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