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Handic CBM BX700 Cartridge Software


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  Handic CBM BX700 Cartridge Software by Bill Degnan - 02/09/2009 07:56
In 1983 the Sweedish company Handic produced software for the CBM BX700 called Calc Result (spreadsheet) and Word Result (word processor). There were also versions of this software made for the C64 model.

Now that I have successfully installed and tested the 8088 co-processor, I thought that I would next try the Handic software supposedly made for the BX700. The "X" indicating the presence of an 8088 co-processor. This is probably a rare software because there were few BX700's sold in Europe, and the software would have seen limited sales as well.

I was able to run both the Calc Result and Word Result software cart/disk programs. I am not sure if the 8088 was required, I only tested on a system with the add-on board installed.


  Comment from former Handic Employee by Bill Degnan - 06/01/2013 18:28
Posted by : Mr. C. öström of Sweeden:

".. The Calc/Word-Result dongle is made of leftover "Bridge64" for Vic64, they just cut one wire on the contact.
I used to work at Handic Software ...

While looking around more on the net I saw that they said that they have found out handic software dongles containing character rom chips ... So what I wrote is not correct for all software from Handic Software with dongles. And yes, they was only used as dongles. Some vic64 games there where the game in the cartridge.

I remember that bridge64-roms were used as a dongle for another program from same company. .."



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