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MARCH Spring Workshop


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  MARCH Spring Workshop by Bill Degnan - 05/19/2013 19:40
Evan K working on an Osborne I portable computer. Also pictured is MARCH's PDP 11/20 (on its side). Click Image for larger view.

The first MARCH event since Hurricane Sandy was an "open house" swap meet and workshop (the Vintage Computer Festival was cancelled). Most of us brought items to sale or trade, and we also brought projects to work on. Around 7:30 we all went out for dinner and then returned for more hacking. The event continued the next day but I had to leave around midnight.

Photo of a C-64 Ethernet network. Jeff and Dan, picutred in the foreground are working on a multi-player game. Click Image for larger view.

Here is an interesting homebrew restistor array used to simulate load on a power supply, and used to re-form capacitors. Click Image for larger view.

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