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  Vector 1 by Howard Irwin - 09/15/2011 15:57
I have one of those, but mine has a green cabinet. It's got a northstar controller in it but I don't have any hard sector disks. Last time I powered it up it worked but again I couldn't boot anything because of the lack of disks and it's the only controller I have.

  10 hard-sectored disks for Vector 1 by Bill Degnan - 09/17/2011 00:17
Well... if you're interested in selling this computer at a reasonable price let me know!

  maybe, what do you consider reasonable? by Howard Irwin - 09/17/2011 12:33
I can find a composite monitor and fire it up again and see what still works/doesn't and give you an inventory of what's in it.

  Collectible Micro Sleepers List Updated by Bill Degnan - 06/07/2013 15:12
In response to the article published in PC World titled "The Most Collectible PCs of All Time"

I don't disagree with the list, but yawn...another rehash of the "standard" stuff we have all been hearing about for the past 5 years. It's because of these articles, at least in part, that they're so popular for collectors. A cycle of re-inforcement.

Being a kind of anti-establishment fellow, here is my personal Top 10 or so list of sleepers - classic computers that are less well-known but very rare and collectible. Would I rather have an Apple I or a Kenbak? ..yah, but I'd like some of the below just as much...and they're much cheaper!

1. Micro Altair (later called Poly-88), by PolyMorphic Systems MITS forced Polymorphic to change the name of their computer to Poly 88

2. BYT-8 (or -5), by Byte Computer Stores. Rare to find with the BYT label

3. JOLT, by MAI (Microcomputer Associates Inc) the first 6502 SBC

4. Jupiter IIC, by Wave Mate. One of the earliest 6800 processor systems, few exist today.

5. Sys 1, (Sys 2 or Sys 3); by Sphere

6. Vector 1; by Vector Graphic, Inc.

7. 9000S, by IBM. A scientific PC produced with at the same time as the IBM XT with built-in printer. Unique footprint, few exist today.

8. VIM-1, by Synertec (Commodore forced Synertec to rename to SYM-1 because the "VIM" sounded too much like "KIM", the competing Commodore 6502 SBC. Few VIM-1's exist.

9. B500 (N.American), by Commodore Business Machines. Sold in the USA and then renamed B-128). Perhaps even rarer is the hi-profile version of the same system, with a built-in monitor orignally called the B700, later renamed CBM 128. (not to be confused with the C-128)

10. Compucolor II - A rare system that is fairly well known but very hard to find in working order.

11. Sord SM80X

12. Just added: RCA COSMAC Microkit (not MicroTutor) with 1801 processor.



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