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Amiga 1000 Engineering Sample

by billdeg
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This Commodore Amiga 1000 came from the engineering department and was owned by former CBM engineer David Diorio. Click for larger view.
This system is unique because it has no serial number or identification plate on the case, keyboard or mouse. The ROMS are v1.1 and the keyboard has the "bouncing ball" logo in the upper right corner. The power supply switch is backwards. Otherwise it appears to be a normal early Amiga 1000 with a memory expansion board. More pics">... [ read more ]

Commodore 64C DEV Motherboard 250451

by billdeg
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C64C dev motherboard with: PCB ASSY NO.250451PCB No. 251915 Rev.2 printed on it. The VIC chip is missing. Click image for larger view.
I don't see this board documented in the normal places and the PCB does not come up in a search. The VIC-II is missing. The board was originally owned by CBM engineer David Diorio and was donated to Kennett Classic when he unfortunately passed to the great motherboard in the sky recently. My initial guess is that it was a dev board from when the Commodore 64C was being crafted, or David was experimenting or modifying the design somehow. I have asked around to see if anyone knows more. More 250451 pics CBM-hackers Thread: Excerpts: ">... [ read more ]

Post Vintage Computing

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Thoughts about NEW Vintage Computing ] 03/09/2021
A collection of computers from 1987 through 1995. Click image for more photos as they become available.
The vintage computing GUI era is well represented in this photo from the new Kennett Classic post-vintage gallery on display.">... [ read more ]

1961 Beckman DEXTIR Computer

by billdeg
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Beckman Instruments, Inc. made a connected industrial research computer system called the DEXTIR, which was designed for to prepare data for computer entry. The model pictured in this photo was installed at the ESSO Research Labs in Baton Rouge, LA in July 1961. Click image for larger view.
Beckman issued a proposal to GM some time after the above photo was taken for an automatic monitoring and control system for the Die Casting Department of the Guide Lamp Division at General Motors. The comptuer that the DEXTIR would feed its data was (I believe) a UNIVAC 1108 computer from the same era. Perhaps also an IBM 704, 709, 7090) Download it here To my knowledge there is nothing published about this machine.">... [ read more ]

iCOM 3712-58 dual 8 in drive

by billdeg
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Updated: [ DERAMP PC2FLOP ] 02/11/2021
Pictured is the test system set up to explore the functional status of this iCOM 3712-58 dual 8" drive. Click image for larger view.
Referring to a 2006 post I made on a vc forum, Mike Douglas ("DERAMP") contacted me to see where things stood with the project. He had a similar drive. I had not done anything with the drive since 2006. But had I known that I had the correct s-100 interface card for the drive, i would have tried sooner. Mike sent images of the interface cards that work with the iCom. I checked my inventory to finally match an unidentified controller to its peripheral. It was also fortunate that drive had an Altair-compatible CP/M . AND! I picked up along the way the schematics for the drive. I finally had everything to take a">... [ read more ]

Intel 4040 IM 1010 PROM Programmer

by billdeg
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Updated: [ NOTES / Repairs ] 02/05/2021
The International Microsystems (IMI) IM 1010 PROM Programmer has an Intel 4040 microprocessor. Pictured is the programmer with the 2708 / 2716 pod option inserted. These pods can be removed and replaced as needed. The system has both Burroughs Panaplex display and serial output, one can switch between them. Click image for larger view.
I have a lot of notes and the schematics. The programmer was donated in a non-working state but I am hoping we can get it rolling again. This programmer has pods that can handle 2708, 2716, 2716-1V, 2732, 2758, 2532. I am unfamiliar with TIGEN 1 and IM ROSI, but these labels appear as options (ROSI RAM/EMULATE/PROM).">... [ read more ]

Digital DECmate VT278

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Drive Cable Found, but... ] 02/01/2021
Digital DECmate VT278
Digital DECmate VT278 Click image for larger view.
EK-VT278 Technical Description Digital DECmate
The DECmate VT278 is a PDP 8 on a CPU / RAM board installed in a VT-100 chassis. Pictured here is the SETUP screen one sees upon successful boot. Click image for larger view.
Digital DECmat... [ read more ]

Items Wanted

by billdeg
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This list is maintained regularly. Thread date is last update. Contact me Here. M7261 KD11-B CPU board 1 CONTROL LOGIC & MICROPROGRAMMED MODULE (PDP 11/05 or 11/10) Findex portable computer (any model) PCS Micropac 80, Superpac 180 and related DATAC 1000 6502 trainer DVW Microelectronics Husky GO Tablet Model G400 power supply or battery (24V ). Commodore B Series hi-profile keyboard(s) Computer Data Systems "Versatile 2" s-100 computer 1977 (Newark, Delaware USA computer) Casio FX-9000P Canon CX-1 or BX-3 Acorn BBC Model A Eagle Computer Eagle II E (I have disks, need computer) Sord SM80X Oki 1F COM7 laptop Morrow Decision 1 Microvoice Nugen Sycor Model 302 Key-Cassette Terminal California Technology International 1108-A Manual/documentation Any mid 70's micros like the Sphere, Compucolor II, HAL,">... [ read more ]

1976 P.C.C. Features the MAI JOLT 6502

by billdeg
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Peoples Computer Company 6502 JOLT Feature
The People's Computer Company May 1976 club newspaper featured the MAI JOLT in a classroom setting. Click image to download article.
More JOLT Photos and info on this web site. More:">... [ read more ]

Front Panel Testing DCC-116

by billdeg
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AJ holds a panel.
AJ holding the front panel from a DCC-116 mini computer. The DCC-116 is a clone of the Data General 800/1200. Click image for larger view.
DCC-116 front panel tester
AJ's front panel tester. Click image for larger view.
More photos On the front panel, apply ground to pins 1 and 17 (J4), 5 volts to pin 27, and 12 volts to pin 33. Once you do that the circuit is powered and no lamps should be on. If any lamps are "on" (lit) when you've set power to the board this way, you know that these lamps need an IC (or two) replaced. ... [ read more ]

Atari ST 520 at Kennett Classic

by billdeg
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It's always a good idea to crack open a system every so often to test and make sure it's still in operational order. This 520 ST is currently on display at Kennett Classic in the "16-bit" room for visitors to try it out. Click image for larger view.
It has been 11 years since last I ran this computer. More photos">... [ read more ]

Scientific Data Systems 420

by billdeg
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Scientific Data Systems SDS 420
The SDS 420 computer is a 6502 CPU computer with Persci model 277 dual 8" disk drives and proprietary operating system. Click image for larger view.
More pictures I received the computer in pieces. The CPU board and RAM expansion board have a 1977 date on them but the actual machine was produced or last upgraded in 1979 (?). I worked with one of the engineers who built the computer, Bill Scheding, to re-assemble it. The Persci drives require repairs but overall everything looks good and should be fully restorable. I have a lot of notes and will post asap. Next - Rehab the drives and boot up the system. Document the memory map and archive the software.">... [ read more ]

1966 SDS Sigma 7 Teletype ASR 33

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Cleaned Up ] 10/22/2020
1966 SDS SIGMA 7 nameplate and manual. This was among the earliest 32-bit computers sold. Click image for larger view.
Cover removed from a Teletype Model ASR 33. This machine is configured to communicate with an Scientific Data Systems "SDS" Sigma 7, which dates it at about 1966 or so. In 1970 SDS put out their confusingly-named SDS SIGMA 6 which included a lot of the optional items found in the 7, standard. Xerox later bought SDS and renamed everything with an "SDS" to XDS. Click image for larger view.
... [ read more ]

Recovering 1969 Honeywell Paper tapes

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Tapes Archived ] 09/14/2020
Lunar Landing Papertape
Mysterious papertape with hand-printed text that reads "Start 1000 tty RUN -> 90" Click image for larger view.
This thread details the technical aspects of the data recovery itself, if you want to learn the background story, visit https://www.kennettclass...m-lunar-mission/ The short story is we received an ASCII papterape proported to have had been created containing a "data dump" from the 1969 American Apollo lunar landing. Teh tape was generated using a Honeywell DDP-516 minicomputer located at a NASA facility in White Sands, New Mexico. Apparently an operator made a personal backup of the lunar landing data (?) ... [ read more ]

1971 DCC-116 model /17 (Nova 1200 clone)

by billdeg
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Digital Computer Controls model DCC-116 /17
The Digital Computer Controls model DCC-116 /17. The /17 represents the full-height model. The half-height model was /10. Click image for larger view.
More photos Next - clean everything and then condition the power supplies.">... [ read more ]
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