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  by Bill Degnan - 08/18/2017 20:14
I continue to perfect my PiDP8i setup. At present I have the box booting into OS/8 if one has an HDMI cable/monitor plugged in, by default. One can also have a serial terminal connected, but needs to be run first, to restart the screen so the serial terminal can use OS/8. I fixed a problem with the SSH server, allowing me to access the box remotely. Lastly I updated the RK05 image because ADVENT was not compiled correctly and will not load. I believe the image I got from Oscar's site had issues. Notes to self:

1. Log in using the pi user. The system will attempt to start simh but it will bomb with "There is no screen to be resumed" error. Ignore. Run the following script to

~$ ./

resets screen and dumps directly into OS/8

.SAVE SYS ADVENT !Save the game
.R ADVENT !And play.

These commands assume you don't already have ADVENT.SV available. Note that you may need to enter

.RKB0:ADVENT.LD (specify the disk partition).

CTRL+E to exit OS/8:

simh> exit


I also created a shell script to turn off the PiDP and run Deeper Thought. When the system is restarted it reverts back to the PiDP8 systemctrl default.



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