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Tandon 603s Replaced by ST241

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  by Bill Degnan - 08/17/2017 23:57

Ethan D writes:
"..It's _usually_ the drive mech that's bad if a format fails. Those are
old drives. They are also uncommon models. Fortunately, one can sub
a Seagate ST225 in a D9060 or a Seagate ST241 in a D9090 and they work
(at the original 5MB or 7.5MB capacities at 4/6 heads and 153 tracks -
the extra tracks are ignored - it's probably possible to bump the
number of tracks up to 254 by altering the ROM code, but I don't
recall if anyone has done that). ..

oh, I did not know you could use an ST241 too, I converted my D9090 to a "D9060" by using an ST225, but I'd rather get the larger capacity if I can. I'll have to try that some time.



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