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Large-Scale Systems Museum (phone pics)


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  Large-Scale Systems Museum (phone pics) by Bill Degnan - 10/23/2017 11:40
I think we found the right place. My phone camera is only so-so at object photography, but I did get a few usable photos. Next time I visit I plan to bring a good camera and include photos of the equally-wonderful 2nd floor, not pictured in this set. Click image for larger view.

The Varian 620L. This is the system behind the front panel I have from This thread. Click image for larger view.

Digital PDP8 goodness. There is one complete and two partial PDP straight 8 model computers at the LSSM. Click image for larger view.

HP 2100 S
The HP 2100S in particularly nice condition. Click image for larger view.

A wall array of 9 track tapes. Click image for larger view.

More photos. Submit photo name corrections here



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