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Front Panels! (... but no computer)


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  Front Panels! (... but no computer) by Bill Degnan - 05/12/2017 08:36
Varian Data Machines 620/L front panel
The Varian Data Machines 620/L Front Panel, circa 1970. Click image for larger view.

Burroughs B1700 front panel
Here is a early 1970's Burroughs B1700 Front Panel. Click image for larger view.

Unidentified DEC UNIBUS MASP panel.
Unidentified DEC UNIBUS MASP panel. Click image for larger view.

The following are not computer front panels, but they're still interesting...

Unidentified Manual/Automatic Switch Control panel.
Unidentified (Control Data 1700? ... I wish!) Manual/Automatic Switch Control panel. Click image for larger view.

GTE Remote Simulator Panel.
GTE Remote Simulator Panel. Click image for larger view.

While we're at it, here is a portable cash register processor tester. Could this be a 4004-driven microprocessor?

GTE Remove Simulator Panel.
GTE Comp-Acct Cash Processor Control Panel. Whatever that is. Could it have a 4004 inside? Need to check. Click image for larger view.

Now looking for the computers...

  GTE Comp-Acct, by Bill Degnan - 08/24/2017 21:43
 Received this message from Chris Kapral. Thanks Chris, very relevant info to share.

".. Re "Front Panels", 5/12/17:
GTE Comp-Acct, based in Cincinnati, made a system for restaurants around 1975 based on the AMD2901 processor.  It controlled a bunch of cash registers and did accounting and inventory functions for the restaurant. I worked on it briefly in 1976. I remember seeing them in the Burger King in Redwood City, CA into the 1980s. I never saw the panel shown in the picture. ..

  Formation MASP Console by Bill Degnan - 10/17/2017 08:37
Did some digging and found that MASP stands for Memory address stop. the front panel is apparently a Formation Inc, F 801 PROGRAM DEBUG CONSOLE (1975). With this a person can create an interrupt to stop a process at a given memory location, and then display the last 16 addresses that appeared on the UNIBUS. One would have installed this console onto a DEC rack along with a UNIBUS system.

  Photo of Varian 620L by Bill Degnan - 10/23/2017 23:12
New photos of an actual Varian 620L System (10/22/17)



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