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Notes on the Visual Technology Inc Model 1050
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Name Size
IMSI-Mouse.jpg 102,058 KB
IMSI-Mouse pic2.jpg 281,771 KB
IMSI-Mouse pic3.jpg
V1050 Disk Images.bin 1,046,706 KB
V1050WIN.IMD 197,582 KB
Visual-1040 kybd disassembled- 419,282 KB
Visual-1040 kybd keytronic-id. 314,285 KB
Visual-1050 HD-data-cable.jpg 298,609 KB
Visual-1050 HD-Xertec-bd-side. 378,386 KB
Visual-1050 kybd disassembled-
Visual-1050 kybd disassembled- 551,157 KB
Visual-1050 kybd disassembled- 496,364 KB
Visual-1050 kybd disassembled- 616,277 KB
Visual-1050 kybd disassembled- 673,710 KB
Visual-1050 kybd keytronic-PNu 314,285 KB
Visual-1050 kybd pad-foam.JPG
Visual-1050 kybd pads.JPG 723,171 KB
Visual 1050 keyboard.jpg
Visual 1050 Mobo-battery.jpg
Visual 1050 mobo1.jpg 971,467 KB
Visual 1050 mobo2 battery.jpg 865,972 KB
Visual 1050 mobo2 RAM-ROM-left 874,564 KB
Visual 1050 mobo2 RAM-ROM-rt.j 900,538 KB
Visual 1050 opened.jpg 352,346 KB
Visual 1050 operation.jpg
Visual 1050 operation2.jpg
Visual 1050 systems-boxed.jpg
Visual 1050 Winch-cover remove 591,734 KB
Visual 1050 Winch-drive CMI CM
Visual 1050 Winch-drive Ontel-
Visual 1050 Winch-drive Ontel-
Visual 1050 Winch-drive Ontel- 655,619 KB
Visual 1050 Winch-drive pic1.j 528,166 KB
Visual 1050 Winch-drive pic2.j 450,163 KB
Visual 1050 Winch-side.jpg 473,642 KB
visual 1050 winch-util-HelloMs
Visual 1050 Winch-Xebec-contro
Visual Technology 1050 rear co 144,573 KB
Visual Technology V1050-Winche
Visual Technology V1050-Winche
Visual Technology V1050-Winche 179,499 KB
Visual Technology V1050.jpg
WinchBAK scrn.jpg


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