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Brace exhibit c64 row.jpg 525,235 KB
Cirulnick-Liendo exhibit SG1.j 563,348 KB
Cirulnick-Liendo exhibit SG2.j 617,949 KB
Cirulnick-Liendo exhibit SG3.j
Cohen exhibit Mimio-1.jpg 675,186 KB
Degnan.jpg 472,078 KB
Degnan exhibit IBM-256K memory
Degnan exhibit IBM-5150
Degnan exhibit IBM-5150 CPM sy 421,892 KB
Degnan exhibit IBM-5150 CPM sy 472,892 KB
Degnan exhibit IBM-5150 DOS2 s 371,457 KB
Degnan exhibit IBM-5150 Space- 395,682 KB
Degnan exhibit IBM-5150 Space-
Degnan exhibit IBM-option-boxe 371,240 KB
Degnan exhibit Kottke-pic1.jpg
Degnan exhibit Kottke-pic2.jpg 293,042 KB
Degnan exhibit Tallgrass 20-20
Dicks exhibit C-64 Iris text-a 609,200 KB
Dicks exhibit Kaypro-II Zork-I
gesswein exhibit audio-input-m 653,341 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC Lab Per a 496,048 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC Lab Per a 570,598 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC Lab Per w 787,163 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC Lab Perip 581,291 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC Lab Perip 225,862 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC PDP8 fron
gesswein exhibit DEC PDP8 fron
gesswein exhibit DEC PDP8 fron 358,617 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC PDP8 left 606,795 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC PDP8 left 642,566 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC PDP8 left
gesswein exhibit DEC PDP8 rear 506,259 KB
gesswein exhibit DEC PDP8 rear 631,773 KB
Greenfield exhibit-1.jpg 614,889 KB
Greenfield exhibit-2.jpg 386,086 KB
Greenfield TouchCom-1.jpg
Hill exhibit PETdisk.jpg 24,349 KB
Hill exhibit PETdisk pic1.jpg 189,456 KB
Hill exhibit PETdisk pic2.jpg 287,272 KB
Hill exhibit PETVet installed. 400,962 KB
Hill exhibit PETVet pic2.jpg
Hill Pet BitMap-BillDeg-2.jpg 446,986 KB
Hill Pet BitMap-BillDeg.jpg
Holley exhibit-posters.jpg
Introduction to Vintage Softwa 2,523,266 KB
Jacocks exhibit 1985 1.jpg
Jacocks exhibit 1985 2.jpg 282,430 KB
Jernigan exhibit CBM-SX64.jpg
Jernigan exhibit Justin-splain 620,471 KB
Jernigan exhibit Little-Comput
Jernigan exhibit Little-Comput
Johnson exhibit CompuPro Syste
Johnson exhibit Dynabyte-5100
Johnson exhibit Northstar Hori 524,139 KB
Johnson exhibit TDL
Johnson exhibit TDL XITAN.jpg
Johnson exhibit TDL XITAN chas 649,484 KB
Johnson exhibit TDL XITAN cont 634,937 KB
Johnson exhibit Zenith 8in Wys
Kelly exhibit Apple-IIe.jpg 444,398 KB
Kelly exhibit printers-1.jpg 334,054 KB
Kelly exhibit printers-2.jpg
Kelly printers-3.jpg 445,403 KB
Linville exhibit Coco-3.jpg
Linville exhibit Coco-Digital- 397,854 KB
Linville exhibit Fahrfall-Joys
Loewen exhibit HP-1000.jpg
Loewen exhibit HP-2647A.jpg
McGuire exhibit DEC-1170.jpg
McGuire exhibit DEC-1170 crowd 602,021 KB
Meyer exhibit ATT-3B2-rear.jpg
Meyer exhibit Teletype-5620 BL
Mike Willigal.jpg 254,320 KB
Primus exhibit clones.jpg 630,398 KB
Primus exhibit Franklin comput
Primus exhibit Laser-128.jpg 615,692 KB
Primus exhibit motherboard-com 548,625 KB
Ross exhibit pdp1105.jpg
Ross exhibit pdp15 card-view.j 694,348 KB
Ross exhibit pdp15 control-pan
Ross exhibit pdp15 system.jpg 485,969 KB
Sudbrink exhibit OSI Challenge 306,881 KB
Sudbrink exhibit swtpc-6800 i- 611,523 KB
Sudbrink exhibit swtpc-6800 op 683,066 KB
Sudbrink exhibit swtpc-6800 Pe
Sudbrink exhibit SWTPC CT-64.j
Sudbrink exhibit TI-term conne 493,439 KB
Sudbrink exhibit TI Silent700.
VCF people.jpg 538,760 KB
VCF people2.jpg 284,407 KB
VCF people3.jpg 614,788 KB
VCF people4.jpg 528,293 KB
Wilborne TRS80 Coco-1 kid.jpg
Wilborne TRS80 Coco-1 kid 630,462 KB
Wilborne TRS80 III 4.jpg 508,080 KB


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