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Video: PDP 8 Ceremony

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Name Size
TeletypeClass DIR
Dodd Atari modification 2.jpg 1,020,040 KB
Salzman Amiga VidToaster.jpg 1,183,159 KB
Bogan Apple pic3.jpg 1,069,540 KB
Bogan Apple pic2.jpg 1,020,478 KB
Bogan Apple pic1.jpg 957,050 KB
Hill CBM-PET vid-capture.jpg 934,778 KB
Loewen TRS80 Hi-res.jpg
Crawford VisiCalc pic3.jpg 1,031,522 KB
Crawford VisiCalc pic2.jpg
Crawford VisiCalc pic1.jpg 909,046 KB
Kovacs CBM-Internet.jpg 924,328 KB
Parish HP-2113 DEC-RL02.jpg 931,564 KB
Rosen Mac-Museum 2.jpg 933,176 KB
Rosen Mac-Museum.jpg 945,918 KB
McGuire Dec Minicomputers.jpg
Cohen Intel pic2.jpg 891,115 KB
Cohen Intel pic1.jpg 527,276 KB
Stuart PDP8M.jpg 1,060,193 KB
Gesswein PDP8.jpg 1,019,530 KB
Willegal Amateur-Radio 2.jpg 667,635 KB
Willegal SCELBI-8B.jpg 1,003,991 KB
Willegal Amateur-Radio.jpg 1,016,224 KB
Chapman-Primus DECPDP1173 UNIX 988,958 KB
Oprysko BASIC.jpg 955,263 KB
Lange Atari.jpg 976,922 KB
Gesswein Powering-on-PDP8.jpg
Degnan MITS-Altair-680 911,052 KB
Degnan Teletype Restoration-Sl 966,317 KB
Degnan Teletype Altair-680.jpg
Degnan Teletype ASR-33.jpg 823,644 KB
Degnan MITS-Altair-680.jpg 919,935 KB
Degnan Hazeltine-1510.jpg 830,045 KB
Winters-Becker Amiga-30th 612,184 KB
Winters-Becker Amiga-30th.jpg
Fletcher Atari Have you played 1,141,284 KB


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