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TCF2013 exhibit-Mark8JPG.jpg
TCF2013 exhibit-corner.JPG 107,853 KB
TCF2013 consignment.jpg 83,058 KB
RCA Cosmac-VIP Dromgoole.jpg
OSI 300 Dromgoole.jpg
MITS Altair-8800 Cohen.jpg
MITS Altair-8800-controllers C 567,833 KB
MITS Altair-680 Degnan.jpg
MIMEO Apple-I Cohen.JPG
Mark8 pic3.gif 1,332,207 KB
Mark8 pic2.gif 1,430,077 KB
Mark8 pic1.gif 1,352,832 KB
Mark8 MARCH.jpg
Mark8 2.JPG 467,676 KB
Jon Chapman.jpg
Johnson Degnan.jpg
JeffJonas.gif 337,381 KB
Intel 8085 SBC Chapman.jpg
IMSAI 8080 Degnan.jpg
IanPrimus.jpg 67,155 KB
Heathkit H8 Johnson.jpg
Heathkit H17 Johnson.jpg
Hazeltine 1510 Degnan.jpg 140,322 KB
EvanKoblentz.jpg 74,577 KB
Digital PDP8-Educomputer Gessw
Comley Gesswein.jpg 68,890 KB
CBM KIM-1 Comley2.jpg
CBM KIM-1 Comley.jpg 664,543 KB
Calcomp-563 Gesswein.jpg
20130316 Dad Lloyd TCFest.JPG


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