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20130316 Dad Lloyd TCFest.JPG
Mark8 2.JPG 467,676 KB
Mark8 MARCH.jpg
Intel 8085 SBC Chapman.jpg
Jon Chapman.jpg
Hazeltine 1510 Degnan.jpg 140,322 KB
MITS Altair-680 Degnan.jpg
IMSAI 8080 Degnan.jpg
MITS Altair-8800-controllers C 567,833 KB
MITS Altair-8800 Cohen.jpg
OSI 300 Dromgoole.jpg
RCA Cosmac-VIP Dromgoole.jpg
Johnson Degnan.jpg
Comley Gesswein.jpg 68,890 KB
Calcomp-563 Gesswein.jpg
Digital PDP8-Educomputer Gessw
MIMEO Apple-I Cohen.JPG
TCF2013 consignment.jpg 83,058 KB
TCF2013 exhibit-Mark8JPG.jpg
CBM KIM-1 Comley2.jpg
CBM KIM-1 Comley.jpg 664,543 KB
Heathkit H17 Johnson.jpg
Heathkit H8 Johnson.jpg
TCF2013 exhibit-corner.JPG 107,853 KB
IanPrimus.jpg 67,155 KB
EvanKoblentz.jpg 74,577 KB
Mark8 pic3.gif 1,332,207 KB
Mark8 pic2.gif 1,430,077 KB
Mark8 pic1.gif 1,352,832 KB
JeffJonas.gif 337,381 KB


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