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Name Size
26-1125 hi-res expansion-conne 788,278 KB
26-1125 hi-res front-card-left 795,334 KB
26-1125 hi-res front-card-righ 805,785 KB
26-1125 hi-res front-card1.JPG
26-1125 hi-res rear-card1.JPG 862,599 KB
26-1125 hi-res rear-card2.JPG 450,077 KB
26-1125 hi-res rear-cover.JPG
Config Run GBSAIC Progs.JPG
DOSPLUS Hi-res load.jpg
Hi-Res Electric-Crayon 133,981 KB
Hi-Res Electric-Crayon splash.
IBM PCJR IRkeybd.jpg 118,523 KB
invaders DIR
micro-Labs hi-res Demo Program
Model III Computer Graphics Up 40,791,769 KB
Owner Service Notes.JPG 224,543 KB
Replacement-Tandon 100-1a.JPG 186,356 KB
Replacement-Tandon 100-1a unde 609,183 KB
sbootx DIR
sitrs.hex 46,106 KB
Test-Set DIR
TRS-80 III Hi-res Hat.jpg
TRS-80 III Hi-res Hat2.jpg 202,987 KB
TRS-80 III Hi-res Shuttle.jpg
TRS-80 III Hi-res Shuttle2.jpg
TRS-80 III Hi-res Topography.j
TRS-80 III sn-0059642.jpg 86,209 KB
TRS-80 III sn-0059642 open.jpg 534,891 KB


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