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computer-storage.JPG 805,636 KB
IBM 4967 Hard drive.JPG
IBM 4963-A Hard drive.jpg
ibm series1 covers-removed.JPG
IBM 4956 2.jpg
IBM 4962 8in disk drive.jpg
IBM 4997 Rack Units.jpg
IBM 4963 Hard drive.jpg
Cambex Corp Model 80810.jpg
IBM 4956.jpg
IBM 4978 display station.jpg
ibm series1 manuals.JPG
ibm diskunit manual.JPG 162,205 KB
IBM Series1 3101 157,516 KB
IBM Series 1 service docs.jpg 153,049 KB
IBM Series 1 service 136,843 KB
IBM Series 1 manual SC34-0636- 126,084 KB
ibm series1 4956 manual.JPG 115,365 KB
hi-res DIR
4956-fromPlotkin DIR


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