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CAP C16 Missing, why?

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  by Bill Degnan - 11/17/2017 13:04
Got this message, posting for future reference: Inquiry Contact Information Name: J Walter Hawkes
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In regards to blog post titled Commodore CBM PET 2001-32B Keyboard :

Hey there Bill - I'm a member of the VCF list. Quick question: I'm noticing in your picture of the motherboard that C15, a tantalum cap near a power transistor, is missing... I have two 4016s I just picked up. One of them has that cap broken off. On the 4016 it's a 1uF 35W cap.

1. I'm guessing it's a coincidence, but I can't imagine anyone would remove it on purpose?
2. I'm about to order some of them and would happily send you one no problem no charge :)

I have some of that cyber clean here in the house somewhere...I may try that.

Thanks for posting and for sharing on the list. I'm diving into a PET for the first time...

Note the 4016 is not the same board as the 2001-32, but here are the approximately same locations on the motherboard, note how the 2001 board has a cut off cap on C25 (or is that C15? need to check the schematic). The question is whether this is a field repair recommendation from an old Tech Topics issued to repair shops or the cap broke off at some point. Either way, the machine works fine. I need to determine why it's missing before I replace it.

4016 mobo
2001-32B missing C25 (or is that C15?)



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