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  by Bill Degnan - 06/19/2017 08:44
This past weekend Matthew W. taught me a few tricks on the NeXt...

Just after you power up the system "testing system" should print on the screen (using version 3 anyway)

To get to the prompt: Command + ' ("The key with the single quote and tilde chars in the numberpad")

That will dump a person to the Next> prompt if you time it, you may have to repeat a few times.

From there enter the help command to see what else you can do, login etc. To boot to the GUI, the command is

Next> boot,

or you can try

Next> bsd(0,0,0)/sdmach

thanks for the help Matthew!

[Command + ~] is a system reset. I noticed it takes a little longer to boot up from the command prompt that the regular GUI way. My guess is some set up processes only happen after the GUI requests them whereas if you boot to the command prompt everything is "loaded" such as networking connections. Not 100% it might just look like it takes longer.

How to make your NeXtstation a "standalone" system. If when booting you have to enter "C" to continue because the system cannot find the master server "serves", here is how you fix (remove "serves" from NetInfoManager)
1. Log in via GUI
2. NextAdmin --> NetInfoManager
3. Domain --> Open; Choose "/"
4. Double-click broadcast-host
5. Select "Serves" which has value "../network"
6. Click edit from command menu in upper left corner of GUI --> delete
7. Click close window (of the NetInfoManager) and Save.

It's annoying my NeXt did not have bash loaded by default. The previous owner of this box had it here: /usr/gnu/bin/bash Maybe that's where it is on your system too.



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