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  by Bill Degnan - 08/24/2014 21:03
Donner 3500 plugs with built in capacitors. Courtesy Computermuseum der Fakultät Informatik in Stuttgart, Germany

From an Internet search I found that the Computermuseum der Fakultät Informatik in Stuttgart, Germany also has a Donner 3500. I asked them about the plugs, and to see if they had a list of the original values.


They have the custom plugs that originally came with the unit. Klemens was kind enough to send me a set of photos which I have added to the same directory linked above, his note below.

------ Original message------
From: Klemens Krause
Date: Sun, Aug 24, 2014 6:00 AM
To: B Degnan;
Subject:Re: Donner 3500

Hi Bill,

now I was in the external exhibition and I found the other plugs:

The plugs I have:
10 3920 100k orange
2 3921 200k red
1 3922 500k yellow
4 3923 1M green
4 -- 2M blue
6 -- 5M grey
1 3925 10M black
1 30-120 100k coeff-Pot
18 3940 shunt white
4 3930 0.01 mmF 200V capacitor
4 3931 0.1 mmF 200V capacitor

I don't know if there once was a complete set or if the plugs
had to be ordered at needed.

I hope this helps.




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